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Migrant children molested in US funded foster care

This week in fascism Also this week in Fascism.

Don’t give yourself a null license plate 

A plastic-free month

the comments on this one are so true!

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  1. rose Says:

    1. I know many absolutely amazing wonderful dedicated giving foster parents. I was a foster parent also. Foster parents who foster as the program is intended (lovingly appropriately supporting children in need) are urgently needed and are in short supply.
    2. Some foster children while in care are abused horribly by members of fostering families/settings. These children are not always protected by agencies and judicial entities that are intended to be helping the child.
    The article says this is happening to legal migrant minors who are legally seeking asylum. A few lawsuits are now being filed with more expected.
    3. Foster children born in the US with full citizenship currently appear to have no resources to sue the agencies and judicial entities that failed to protect them from assault. I have personally heard social workers say that visitation changes cannot be requested in court when a 10 month old returns in shock and hoarse from crying wearing the same clothes and diaper they left in 24 hours before, because “the 10 month old child cannot speak to testify”.
    Thank you for sharing this link; people cannot protest what they do not know about.

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