• This summer has not been great for a number of reasons, which has led to increased anxiety.
  • My anxiety has started affecting my teeth!  For the first time I’m showing evidence of grinding!
  • DC1 is in an AP class this year, but cannot sign up for an online account which is required for class because zie is 12 years old and the FTCs COPPA rule prohibits them from collecting information.  (If you’re in this situation, this FAQ says what to do:  https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/join-your-class-online. This is incorrect, as we found out.)  This whole AP class as a freshman thing is bizarre to me– in my day you did no AP courses until junior and senior year and then you drowned in testing.  So… maybe this is better.
  • After being told that DC1 is 12 (because we needed the form), DC1’s AP teacher cornered hir in the hallway and asked if zie was absolutely sure zie was ready for an AP class.  It being only the second day of class, DC1 did not know what to say.
  • The AP director called the College Board and they said that FAQ was incorrect and we have to call to get the form.  Which… they could have sent to us when we called to ask why DC1 couldn’t register(!)  SIGH.
  • After being put on hold 6 or 7 times, they said they would email the form to us in 2-3 days.  I suspect they do not know where said form is.  We have a case number in case we need to call day 3 to ask where the form is.
  • We did have to call on day 5 to ask.  It came on day 6.  Then we got an incomprehensible email response after we sent the form in and after not getting clarification when we questioned, we ended up having to call again.  Now we are on day 7 of the 7 days that we were supposed to wait before calling about the account not actually being created.
  • the account was not created in day 7 and now we have a new case number to check on the account creation case.
  • There are 42 students in DC1’s Algebra II class.  That seems like a lot.
  • There are 18 students in DC2’s third grade dual language section.  That seems like not many!  Last year there were 21 in hir first grade section which seems more normal.  I guess more dual language kids move out of district than move in (generally only Spanish-speakers can move into dual language)?  Or maybe there are demographic differences by year in the number of Spanish-speaking kids in the district (which determines how many sections of dual language there are).  DC2 says there are two new kids in hir class besides hir, which is nice so that zie isn’t the only one.
  • DC1 has been watching an old Standard Deviants Spanish dvd, and it has a very young Kerry Washington in it!

9 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Michael N Nitabach Says:

    That’s a lotta forken bullshirtio just to get your kid signed up for an AP course!

  2. Steph Says:

    Ugh, that sounds like such a giant pain on all levels.

    I did take 1 AP class as a sophomore (European History), although it became a 0th period morning elective for juniors/seniors after I left. My school put a limit on 3 AP courses/year, so some people did do 3 in junior year as well. AP sciences especially were double-period courses, so you could only take 1 at a time usually (they put them all in the same timeslot). I wasn’t motivated to take any of the ones on offer that year, though, and waited to til senior year to take 3 more.

  3. rose Says:

    Share the process of getting child on line for the class to the teacher and be certain teacher knows how long it has actually taken to get on-line. Learning experience for everyone and may help another person in future.
    Get a night guard from your dentist. As we age orthodonture done under stress and at night does worse and worse things to our gums, teeth, body, heart.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Everyone is aware of this. We have been keeping the AP coordinator updated especially. We do not want to keep updating the teacher because she is already pretty hostile about the fact of DC1 being in her class (hir being a freshman is the main thing, this situation with hir being 12 is just over the top for her). Nary a school day goes by without her complaining that freshmen are allowed to take the class (she thinks they should take AP geography instead, which isn’t a required course).

  4. Alice Says:

    42 students does sound like a lot! But maybe this is me projecting because I really struggled with Algebra II

  5. FF Says:

    I took my first AP class as a sophomore (~1 year older than DC1 is now) in 1979-80. No restrictions on juniors or seniors then–in fact, the whole class was sophomores because European History was a considered a sophomore-year subject.

  6. teresa Says:

    I didn’t have AP classes until my junior year but only because my school didn’t offer any AP classes to anyone before that (except I think they had AP american history for the class ahead of mine). Once they had the classes though they definitely let freshmen into AP bio- I remember being really annoyed that I had to take bio a second time in order to get AP credit/take the test instead of having a year to take a fourth science or something else (in reality there were no fourth sciences or something elses being taught so I was probably really angry on principle).

    Cornering a kid in the hall to ask anything seems kind of…bully-like.

    And 42 kids seems crazy big for any kind of HS class.

  7. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I had forgotten about AP Euro in sophomore year but yes, we did do that earlier in high school. Nothing else, though. Does seem a BIT weird to start as early as freshman year.
    We had seniors taking 4-6 AP classes as a general rule, I wonder what’s going to happen when JB’s in high school :/

    That teacher seems a bit much.

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