Link Love

The more Trump does not get punished, the more brazen his corruption gets.

America’s future from the Holocaust museum

Trump raids education, department of defense for border wall funding

Maureen Johnson explains the recent theatrics in UK Parliament.

One Response to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Mr. Ito of M.I.T. Media Labs lost his job due to taking funds from Jeffery Epstein even though he tried to conceal the relationship. Answers yesterday’s question perhaps. (This was just ‘breaking news’.)
    Thank you for the links. Not a lot of them, but all important.
    I forget how so much of our population today knows so little about what actually occurred just before and during WWII because it is not recent history and is brushed over lightly in schools now. I feel, and am, very old realizing this.

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