Already planning next summer’s DH-Family Vacation

They decided on a popular Midwestern tourist destination for Summer 2020.  There’s enough stuff that I like (and don’t feel like I have memorized from my own childhood) that I’ll be going too.

MIL is planning everything this year and got into it shortly after last summer’s vacation ended.

We offered to pay half the housing again.  We’re renting a house off AirBnB and our half will be $1500.

We bought four plane tickets.  That will also be $1500.

We’re going to have to rent a car this time around at the airport.  If we don’t put off booking a car for too long, it looks like that will be something under $300.

There’s a lot of attractions at this tourist place, and they all cost varying amounts.  I imagine it’ll be somewhere between $100 and $200/day for our family of four, though we will be spending a day going to a state park which will be some small amount per vehicle rather than per person.  Then there will also be food.  The place we’re renting has a kitchen so it is likely that the in-laws will purchase groceries.  But our smaller nuclear family also likes to try restaurants.  And there’s supposedly some good coffee shops.  We will probably order pizza.

This looks like it will cost more than last year’s trip (even though last year we paid the entire housing) or the first real vacation and less than the Disney trip from two years ago.

Do you have any fun plans for next summer?  How about winter break?


17 Responses to “Already planning next summer’s DH-Family Vacation”

  1. bogart Says:

    We spent truly vast sums on this summer’s vacation travel (3 weeks in expensive parts of Europe) and for that reason plus some work-related time constraints (not constant, specific to a program running next summer) will probably engage in modest travel next summer. I am trying to get the dates for the summer program pinned down (involves: wrangling the schedules of faculty at multiple institutions. Fun!) so that I can start exploring options.

    Almost every winter break we go “camping” (in a fancy travel trailer, thus the “”) at the beach. Love it. This winter I’m also hoping to take DS to a modest, nearby-ish ski place, as he wants to try skiing and I’d like to (a) let him and (b) start small.

  2. Katherine Says:

    We’re going to Hawaii during winter break! My dad and stepmom planned and are paying for most expenses, and we are super grateful and very excited for the toddler to get some grandparent bonding time.

    For summer break, I’m working with some college friends to plan a mini-reunion close to some beautiful hiking and outdoor activities. I don’t have a good sense yet of what the costs will be or how they’ll be divided, but I’m really looking forward to getting to spend some time with some close friends that I haven’t seen in person in a few years!

  3. Leigh Says:

    We were debating going to Hawaii in December, but we just don’t have enough time to plan anything yet, so we might do something local or last minute before we go to a friend’s wedding in December. If we were alternating Christmas, we would have spent it with my in-laws who live near the wedding, but my husband’s sibling (whose wedding I left in a panic attack because of him and his in-laws being god-awful to me), it’s their kid’s first Christmas and my parents-in-laws and other sibling-in-law all want to go visit the sibling with the new-ish kid… My husband and I decided to opt out of that… and I’m excited for our first Christmas the two of us in our new place! Yay for a just us Christmas! (And we’ll finally have a discussion with his parents about the wedding panic attack in the new year because I don’t want to avoid his lovely parents forever.)

    Next summer is really far away! We usually don’t plan vacations that far out. My parent-in-laws and the sibling-in-law I like are planning to visit us in early summer and I think my husband’s cousin is getting married next summer, so we’ll go to that. I’m not really sure what my job/vacation days situation will look like next year, so we’ll see what we end up doing for vacations next year! Would love to combine the cousin-in-law’s wedding with visiting some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

  4. Debbie M Says:

    Just went on a cute vacation to Oklahoma City. We checked out the botanical garden, the science and art museums, the riverwalk (“Bricktown”), and restaurants. We also happened to have good timing for a “first Friday” art thingy in an arty part of town plus a vegan festival. My boyfriend wanted to get somewhere cooler–it’s generally 10 degrees cooler than here–but of course it was still quite hot.

    Let me just add that if you are a member of any museums, often they have agreements with similar museums in other locations for free or reduced admission, so bring your membership cards, if you have any.

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  6. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Annual trip to the beach, costs ~800, mostly lodging which I pay for all of us. I’d like to go see my sister in the summer but plane tickets to Israel are expensive and I’d have to have a hotel too (or sleep with the 2 year-old ….. no). It’s the year for my college roommate to come down too so we’ll go out further into the mountains.

    (I shall call my senators tomorrow, my rep is a lost cause.)

  7. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    We won’t know for a little while yet so I’ll budget for it with a lot of hope, but if things break our way, we’ll do our annual trip to Comic Con in the summer. I hope it does but we know that it’s never a sure thing until we actually purchase the tickets. You’ll hear the sound of my heart breaking the first year that we can’t! We always do it as cheaply as we can but it still adds up fast. There are a lot of people I sure do wish we could see though, and it’s not feasible to fit them all in…

  8. First Gen American Says:

    I can’t believe my oldest is in high school already. We really need to think about what we should do before he’s out of the house.

    So far on the agenda is a ski vacation this winter in Colorado. We have a lot of skier friends who live there and the boys are finally good enough it will be worth it to go to a big mountain.

    My older one is also on year 3 in French and I have a dear friend’s mom who lives in Cannes and she’s been inviting me for decades to come visit and I still haven’t.

    And it’s also our turn to go to Poland as my family came here last year. It’s been 13 years since I last visited. It’s just so hard to take the time from work on those big trips.

  9. Abigail Says:

    I definitely don’t have summer planned yet, but I think my next vacation will probably be Chicago. Maybe I can finally meet my boss (after nearly 10 years at that point, ah the weirdness of remote work). But I’m a contract worker, so any time I take off is time I don’t get paid for. So I have to be careful how much I plan to travel. It’s why I usually keep it to just FinCon, really. But some friends want to take a couple of short road trips, so I may do that too.

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    […] expense for a new fence with our neighbor, and bought a new clothes washer.  We’ve subsidized family vacations to not-so-fancy midwestern destinations and we’re going on an anniversary trip (to Portland!) […]

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