• I got kicked out of two English classes in high school.  We had faculty members who were deconstructionist phds unable to get professor jobs.  I believe that context is important.  That authorial intent is important.  That history and influence are important.  That these things add to our understanding of literature rather than subtract from it.  I also think it’s ridiculous to argue that all meaning is subjective and contextual… if that’s true, why force us to take English class at all?  After vehemently disagreeing with a teacher on this topic the second week of class I was informed by the school counselor that I had been moved to the linguistics phd’s section.  It was a much better match.
  • I have explained our university’s retirement options to three faculty members in the past week, only one of whom is a new faculty member.
  • I have cats because I refuse to be a servant to a dog’s bladder.  (Though I guess technically we do have a dog door and a dog run that are currently taped up so as not to let the a/c out.)
  • I got my raise numbers for this year and went on a small donations spree.
  • Windows 7 is going to reach its end of life soon.  You can actually still upgrade it for free so long as you own a legal copy of Windows 7.
  • The Lottery is still just as chilling now as it was when I first read it more than 30 years ago.
  • On hir English homework DC1 has said that the princess is the protagonist in the lady or the tiger (and not the macguffin). I’m so proud of hir feminist instincts.  Rereading it myself, I think zie is correct.  The princess has the agency, and it is her decision that leaves the reader with the ending, not the commoner’s.  The king is still the antagonist, for he has put the princess in this unenviable position.  The commoner is himself the macguffin.  The internet disagrees, but I think that’s because the internet is sexist– if there is a man, then he must be the hero and the princess is but a prize.  Even when the narrator is third person omniscient.
  • Well, the government finally got around to getting rid of the “is this person racist” question on clearance interviews and replacing it with a bunch of xenophobic questions about whether or not they have friends from other countries.
  • It took another month, 2x weekly phone calls, sending another (incorrect) form, and resending the original (correct) form, but DC1 finally has a college board account.
  • Academics:  If you are reviewing a paper and the report is overdue and the paper is an obvious reject, please just send a short review and reason for rejection.  Don’t keep holding onto it!
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14 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    * deconstructionism sounds exhausting. But context: I wasn’t exactly a deep reader during my English Lit major. The mechanics of writing still escape me.
    * Yay, raise!
    * It’s not just a bladder. I’m also servant to dog nails, teeth, bladders, appetites, urgent need for vegetable snacks. Luckily I really really love dogs. I do not love their gas. Sera is in my office gassing me now. Sigh.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      cats also have teeth and appetites! (and have nails concerns if we’re renting, though we don’t cap them if it’s our house and our stuff getting scratched up) Gas is fortunately much less of a problem(!)

      • Michael N Nitabach Says:

        My favorite English teacher in high school who taught me how to write compellingly claimed he could levitate & showed us a picture of him “levitating” above a bed. Obvs he jumped & bounced & the photo was at the top of the bounce.

  2. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    I got kicked out of an English class in high school for correcting the teacher’s grammar. I was, of course, correct. We were both much happier with me in a different class, one where the teacher actually taught grammar and I could get credit for knowing what I knew.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I just corrected a less/fewer error on DC2’s homework. I could not help myself. *sigh* DC1’s freshman English teacher also has some grammar errors on assignments which irritates me, especially since she’s so picky about using some of the Strunk rules (not Strunk and White, mind you, but super old fashioned 1910s Strunk) in DC1’s graded work. (DC1 got a B for hir first report card, though I am told it is still possible to bring it up for the final transcript which only show semester grades.)

      • Michael N Nitabach Says:

        I’m a big believer in “less fewer”, but supposedly it’s just made up bullshittio & not actually real?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Isn’t all language made up initially? I’m not a deconstructionist, so I would argue that language is real even if it is a construct.

      • Michael N Nitabach Says:

        The gist that I recall is that it didn’t arise organically as a pattern of usage, but literally some uptight douche in Victorian England just made up the rule cause they felt like it. But I dunno maybe I’m just making this up!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        That’s the story of split infinitives.

  3. CG Says:

    Ha! I was an English major in college (back in the late ’90s) before I moved over to the social sciences. I remember feeling like a reactionary. If none of those things matter, it’s just making stuff up as far as I’m concerned. I got good at doing that kind of analysis for classes but it was hard to take it seriously.

  4. Honors English and ponderings about the importance of AP tests | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] essays in my history classes than I ever did in an English class.  Probably because I never had a deconstructionist history […]

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