Woooo! I got paid!!!!

We start work in August but don’t get our first paychecks until October.  I don’t know why this is, but we do get a full paycheck in June for a partial month in May, so it kind of balances out.

It’s been a long unpaid summer and a number of summer reimbursements have not come in for months.  Usually I get a little burst of summer travel reimbursements near the end of August to repad the cushion, but not this year.  I even have some summer salary that has gone completely MIA despite its being requested for July in early August.  Ugh.  Stupid red tape and having to follow up.  (I did finally get a research reimbursement I had requested in MARCH deposited this summer, and of course daycare reimbursements, but those were early summer.)

/end grumbling

I love getting paid!

Fellow academics, do you take 9 or 12 month paychecks?  Everyone else, do you love paydays?

22 Responses to “Woooo! I got paid!!!!”

  1. xykademiqz Says:

    9-month contracts for faculty here; there isn’t an option to spread the salary over 12 months. If I have enough grant money to pay myself three months of summer, that generally means I can afford another whole student, which I then do, and I take 1 mo of summer spread over three months instead. The rest of what we spend in the summer comes from savings.

    This year I’m on sabbatical, so 65% salary during academic year. I will probably pay self from grants 2 months over the next summer (2/3 each mo).

  2. Leigh Says:

    I call pay day Magical Money Day! It makes it fun.

  3. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    We all get paid over 12 months regardless of whether we have 9 or 12 month salaries (to… make everyone a full time benefit eligible employee all the time I guess?) but summer salary is paid bizarrely, usually in a lump sum (grant salary can only be summer salary or buy-out here, for small school reasons). I don’t get paid for Second Job in the summer but we spend a lot so there’s budgeting and all. (Also Second Job is over for probably-forever in 8 more weeks.)

    • Katherine Says:

      We also all get paid over 12 months regardless of whether we have 9 or 12 month salaries. First paycheck for the new academic year comes on September 30, even though the 9-month contract starts in mid-August. One nice thing the school does for new faculty is an option to take the first year’s salary over 13 months, so you get your first paycheck in August – when I was a new faculty member coming off an unpaid summer that involved a cross-country move, that was really nice!

      At my SLAC, most faculty don’t get summer salary at all. When you have a grant or other “stipend” situation you can generally request whatever distribution schedule you want.

  4. bethh Says:

    I’m not an academic and I envy the sabbatical if not the extra financial juggling. I could make it work though! I do love paydays – I tend to shuffle all my money away to do work, and leave just a bit in my creatively-named Day to Day account. It’s always pretty hollow by the time payday rolls around. (I also charge things and pay off on payday – it’s probably about time for an all-cash reset.)

  5. SP Says:

    Speaking for husband, I don’t know if he has an option to have his 9-month salary paid out over 9 months instead of 12. If so, we never discussed this, and 12 month is the default, and that is what he does. If husband fills out paperwork on time and HR/Payroll doesn’t screw up… T’s salary doubles for 4 months for summer salary, assuming he has full summer salary funds. So far, he always has, but I expect there will be some times when he might not.

    I do love payday! I loved it more when paydays dominated our net worth, but they are still pretty great.

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I got some (way overdue) reimbursements today too!

  7. moom Says:

    Here in Australia all academics are paid on a 12 month basis with 4 weeks of paid vacation as is standard across the whole economy…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Sounds like you don’t miss the states much!

      • moom Says:

        The 9 month thing is an odd set up. At my US university we got paid over 12 months as a default. Issues only arose when joining or leaving the university. When I left I was required to resign on 30 June. As I was still on H1B this triggered a requirement to immediately leave the country. At first I resisted and then I signed the document and left for Montreal for one night. Luckily I was allowed back to work on sorting out my apartment etc. Might not work now, I am guessing.

  8. Debbie M Says:

    I love pay days because that’s when I get to see how much I can afford to transfer to savings. And that’s when I check all my stock balances, etc. and add another point to my graphs, etc. So it’s the geek in me that likes pay days. And also now whenever I take little short-term jobs, I also like pay days because it means I’m actually getting paid.

    When I first started working at the university I was used to getting paid much more often (weekly? I don’t even remember anymore), so it was quite an adjustment. But now I actually prefer just one paycheck per month.

    As a staff member and now as a retiree, I get paid monthly, but one weird thing (as a retiree only) is that I get charged for September’s dental insurance in October. As if they don’t know the selection I made in time to know what to charge me, even though they do know my health insurance selection in time.

    (In activism news, I emailed Speaker Pelosi asking her not to focus on just this one issue in the impeachment investigation and presented a huge list of important issues. I also asked that she make the report very brief with a simple list of all the impeachable actions in easy English so it would be very easy for everyone to read, and then attach appendices with the details. Personally, I think the most horrifying things he’s done have been to pull out of the Paris Agreement and to taunt nuclear powers, though this horribleness with the Kurds is right up there. Even McConnell is opposed.)

  9. Bardiac Says:

    My University pays 9 month folks ONLY on a 9 month calendar; we start in late August, but our first check doesn’t come until the first of October. We call it the festival of Octobercheck.

  10. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I ADORE paydays.

    I get to do a little dance four times a month because I manage both of our paychecks along with the bills. I thought that after we attained a certain level of income, the magic would fade but it most definitely has not. I also love the tiny snippets of “payday” feeling I get when dividends are paid but they’re outside our usual cashflow so it’s a different feeling. It’d be awesome if we could hit the point where dividends could serve as paydays but they feel too irregular and are far too small at this point to generate that joy.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      *sniffle* I no longer get big fancy quarterly dividends because it turns out I was only getting those dividends because PG&E decided stock price was more important than updating its infrastructure for safety. So I’m sorry for everyone who lost or is about to lose power! I’m back to not getting money for their bad decisions(!) (But also not planning on selling, mostly for hassle and tax reasons.)

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