Link Love

ICE moved 700 women out of a detention center and won’t tell their lawyers where they are.

43 new claims of sexual assault against Trump (Esquire article came out on Thursday… didn’t get much media because Guiliani’s associates were busy getting arrested and he was trying to go to Vienna. Also Trump was letting Kurdish civilians die despite the protests of the US Military.  Oh, and PG&E was shutting power off in large swatches of California (I would have preferred they fix their grid to the outsized dividends I used to get).  And probably some other stuff I missed because I have to work.)

A sophisticated phishing attack.

Note to self:  Next time you buy vanguard bonds, get VWESX, not VBTLX.  (I just bought some VBTLX but think we could handle a little more risk, or perhaps a different kind of risk.)

9 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    But I saw in SF Chronicle PG&E paid 11 million in executive bonuses this June … they just didn’t have the money to pay for maintenance of their lines also…………. Beside as long as fewer than 100 die from no power they have done better than in Paradise last Nov so they have a WINNER. Maybe double those bonuses for their emergency planning failures.
    My power did not go out but that was pure luck. They brought larger metropolitan areas back up lots faster than rural areas. They had ONE relie station in a county of 1.5M people and it was located in area with no access to public transportation………. Absolutly those bonuses were earned…. maybe they will tripple them for this coming bonus announcement.
    (I am totally without emotion on this topic.)

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    That first link has my blood running cold – what are they doing to those women and why can’t we find them???

    Flip-flappin PGE. We were not affected this time but they did affect a hell of a lot of people and all of that could have been avoided. But no, of course not.

    • grumpyhere Says:

      To make your blood even chillier remember the disappeared children from those border cages….. then remember the southern elected lawmaker who adopted two sisters and gave the older, less ‘pretty’ one to a pedophile to ‘raise because she was less amiable’, and he was such a nice man. RIGHT, the party of Family Values at home.

  3. Debbie M Says:

    I have too many swear words about some of these to make a coherent comment.

    But why the move in bond funds? Higher return for not much higher expenses? Of course I have VBTLX, but it might be good to diversify into VWESX to have more corporate bonds.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Because we’re currently overinvested in stocks for our age and our only bond investments are in our retirement funds. I thought it might be useful to have some in taxable in case we need cash when markets are down. Also lower capital gains from bonds so maybe it makes sense to have a little more in taxable.

      Basically I’d been throwing extra money into various stock indexes and needed to rebalance a little with this most recent excess.

  4. Good Things Friday (39) « A Gai Shan Life Says:

    […] I’m thinking about adding VWESX to our portfolio instead of carrying on with VBTLX. Hattip to Nicole and Maggie for mentioning it. I only want to hold one of each type of fund (domestic stocks, international […]

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