Link love

Police officer fatally shoots black women in her own home

Trump tax documents show major inconsistencies

Facebook blocks car dealership from posting tree planting ads as too political (while allowing Republicans to post anti-Biden ads that include known lies)

How dual income couples find balance

Nightmarathon raising money for pediatric cancer research  (Breaking Cat News has donated some prizes)

[-$10,000] The Last Milestone

Why Bitches get Riches feels rich

Can younger students be taught to engage in deliberate practice?

I almost wish we had a staircase so I could get these.


2 Responses to “Link love”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  2. rose Says:

    Thank you for all of these links. The two that relate to 45, the ones about debt pay offs, the one about dual income load sharing (STILL after all these decadesof double income families being common a problem!!!) AND fbk being happy to alllow false political ads being shared … SO TERRIBLE but perhaps Zucker* has financial interests in destroying honestly informed populace and democracy……. Both depression and hope in your links. It takes time and many sources to keep finding these for us week after week after year. You are appreciated. I am better informed because of you.

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