Ask the grumpies: Favorite apps for fun?

Leah asks:

Do you have any sort of favorite apps you use for fun?

#2 doesn’t have a cell phone.  Like not even a flip phone.

#1 doesn’t use apps for fun because she has major problems with time management and internet addiction.  Still, she does use Yelp a lot.  And she watches Youtube a lot, but doesn’t use an app for it.  I use the Apple Podcast app in the car.

DH and the kids like all sorts of games (DH is currently playing Hyper Light Drifter).  DH uses the Netflix app a lot and Amazon PrimeTime.  He listens to Audible.

What are your favorite apps for fun, Grumpy Nation?

11 Responses to “Ask the grumpies: Favorite apps for fun?”

  1. Miser Mom Says:

    My timer. As in, there’s a task I have to do but don’t want to do, or something fun I want to do but worry I’ll go down the rabbit hole and spend too much time . . . so I set my timer for 10 minutes and do the task exactly that long. I use it a lot. It turns tasks into more like games, which kind of counts toward the “for fun” aspect of the question, I guess???

  2. gwinne Says:

    I love that #1 doesn’t have a cell. Seriously.

    I wouldn’t if I didn’t have a teenager who texts me. I didn’t have a phone with any sort of data until maybe 2 years ago. I barely use it, other than to text. I will say I have just now started listening to music on it when I walk around the track. VERY occasional use of google. Stopwatch. Apps? Not so much.

  3. Katherine Says:

    The only apps on my phone that have any sort of entertainment value are Libby and Netflix. I use Libby all the time to find and check out library books to read on my kindle – I don’t read on my phone. I haven’t used Netflix on my phone since I stopped pumping. If I have time to kill, an internet connection, and no other way of filling the time, I use the internet browser to read things on the internet.

    I don’t have data on my phone, so most apps are useless unless I happen to have wifi.

  4. xykademiqz Says:

    For fun? Dunno. I don’t play video games. Also, what’s fun? Texting with mom? Probably not. Email? Not fun for work, fun for hobbies. Here are my freq. used apps. Fam tease me that I’m basically a Luddite because my icons take up less than one screen.

    – What most folks use in some fashion: email (I have Gmail/Yahoo Mail/Nine for various email accounts); texting app; browser (Chrome); maps (Google Maps); weather (The Weather Channel and Google Weather); clock (I use alarm, timer, and stopwatch, all frequently; I love to use the timer to make myself do the work I don’t want to do, like dishes, or grant writing)

    – Utilitarian: Starbucks (daily coffee run/collecting rewards); TurboScan (a fantastic scanning app; seriously, it’s so much better than all others and I’ve checked; the BW scans of notes into PDFs are fab quality and easily made); WhatsApp (texting communication with overseas fam); Fandango (movie tix and rewards)

    – Fun or fun adjacent: Shazam (to see what’s playing on the car radio); Spotify (to listen to music when I walk or do chores); Kindle and Google Play Books (I read ebooks on the phone a lot); Netflix & Amazon (although I don’t really watch much on phone anymore)

    – Misc: I actually use the Adobe PDF reader app a lot to read documents for work and Google Docs to tinker with short stories. I also spend a lot (as in, too much) of time on literary Twitter (under a different pseud), but I don’t like the Twitter app, so I access it through the browser. Used to use Skype app for conferencing but do it via desktop/laptop most of the time.

  5. FF Says:

    My two favorites apps for fun are the NY Times crossword app and the NY Times app, which has some games like Spelling Bee (my current favorite ) that aren’t on the crossword app. I also have the Netflix and Viki (for K-dramas) apps on my phone, although I don’t stream videos on my phone very often.

  6. Alice Says:

    For my daughter (age 3), we have some learning games on an iPad: Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, and Endless Numbers are my preferred ones. We also have a Youtube account so that I can have no-ad downloaded videos available for plane trips and sick days. The download lets me limit what she’s allowed to watch in a way that I like.

    For myself on an iPad, I mainly use Overdrive for library ebooks. I also have some newspaper subscriptions because I decided that supporting journalism is part of how I’m dealing with the current political situation. I’m classifying them as entertainment, though, because I do read fun articles in addition to serious ones. Beyond that– PS Vue and Netflix are on my iPad for use when I’m exercising on a treadmill.

    For myself on my phone, the main app I use for entertainment is Zombies Run, which I use when running outdoors. It’s basically a long-running radio story with long pauses when you have your own music playing. I just have it be quiet during the pauses. The acting is a bit up and down, as is the storyline, but I like it well enough and it’s a little bonus in my day when I get to exercise outside. I’m currently reaching the end of Season 4.

    The other non-standard apps I’m using on my phone are more utilitarian. The main ones are Fitbit for step counting and heart rate, Myfitnesspal for weight loss food tracking, and an app that allows me to run the robot vacuum remotely. (There is a lot to be said for being able to clear the floors and have a device putter around doing the vacuuming instead of me.)

  7. bogart Says:

    Well, I have Libby, and I have NPR One that allows me to download some podcasts (e.g. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me) to listen to later — useful when I’m driving in the car and something I enjoy sharing with my son, who also appreciates that series. I used to have MadLibs on there for him, but don’t anymore as he’s aged out. My husband has a “roll the marble into the hole through the maze” app, I think, that our son sometimes uses. He (the kid) also likes looking at pictures on my phone, similar I think to how I enjoyed looking through family photo albums as a kid.

  8. monsterzero Says:

    Chess, Go, and Imgur. Imgur can be a data hog so I try not to look at it unless I’m on Wifi.

  9. First Gen American Says:

    Yelp, streaming apps, podcasts and used shopping apps like craigslist and Facebook marketplace, although FB has so many ads it’s hard to find the good stuff within the crap. I’m contemplating quitting FB altogether after only being back a few months as it’s such a useless time suck. I do have a time limit on FB for myself. Houzz was fun for ideas at first but it’s the same with the ads now.

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