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Hard to believe there was an election this week! There were strong blue waves in Kentucky and Virginia. We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re making positive progress despite billionaires wanting to impede forward movement.

An example of a fake outrage cycle– and college journalism being superior to national journalism.

Wisconsin politics demonstrates a frightening erosion of democracy

I’m not sure if I should believe this or not.

Lots of recalled frozen vegetable products across the US.

H/T to Revanche for this fascinating piece of investigative reporting about a nationwide AirBNB scam.

Also as a h/t to Revanche— if you got that super obnoxious Amazon catalog in the mail, here’s a link to get yourself off their list.

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Lynda Says:

    The plug story? Absolutely true.Yes, we in the UK were sold appliances that did not have plugs attached and also, our voltage is different which is the other reason why you need a mains adaptor for your electrical stuff, it’s not just that we have 3 pin (prong) plugs. When I was a teenager, appliances had 2 wires, one neutral and one live inside the cable: there was then a change and appliance cables had 3 wires inside, live and neutral wires were different colours and an earth cable was added. The earth wire goes to a fuse either 3A, 10A or 13A depending on the appliance. (This is so the fuse blows in the plug and your power stays on to the rest of your property.
    So, you had to buy an appliance and a plug and the correct fuse: you then had to undo the plug and had to be able to strip the covering from the wires and fit the wire into the small metal hole and screw at the end of each pin/prong THEN reassemble the plug before knowing that the appliance actually worked. (Check on YouTube.)
    And eventually, companies decided (or were told) that maybe they’d be better off selling appliances with moulded plugs (even though it’s a pain in the butt because we’re such a small market) because that way, at least they know it’s been fitted by someone who knows what they’re doing and isn’t colourblind.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It absolutely boggles my mind that such a situation could have gone on so long without government intervention to standardize. England was at the forefront of both industrial revolutions but eventually you got your railroad gauge figured out. And the US got the electricity thing figured out. I can’t speak for Germany, but perhaps they did as well.

      Though I guess with railroads, British engineering was always lets figure out how to go through the mountain while Germany and the US were more likely to figure out how to go around. If I’m remembering my undergraduate Econ correctly.

      • Lynda Says:

        Try David Kynaston’s book, Austerity Britain 1945 to 1951. It’ll give you some background about the lack of government intervention in most things…

  2. Matthew D Healy Says:

    Front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had story about the huge increase in people who are underwater on cars folding their negative equity into their next car. Toxic mix of stagnant income, rising costs, longer loan terms, and need for transportation. Good story by paper with which I have longstanding ambivalence: they often do superb reporting, but their Editorials are usually execrable.

    Also they ignore elephants in the room. For instance, working class folks might not feel so desperate to get cars they cannot afford if this country had better public transit.

    And I am once again reminded of my privileged position: if our car died tomorrow, we’ve got enough in savings to fix or replace it without going into debt. AND we live in a place where life without that car would be quite possible.

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