Link love

Links are light because of grading jail!

So I did find the post and comment that solitary diner referred to in a previous comments section.  In it, the blogger responded to solitary diner’s note about disliking all the free advertising for openly anti-LGBT-Chain Chick Fil A by noting that her conservative readers don’t like the free advertising she does for Starbucks (though she talks about Chick Fil A about once every couple weeks, Starbucks not so much).  So… I wondered what conservatives have against Starbucks.  Turns out they don’t like that Starbucks helps brown people and non-Christian people.  I think that’s an example of false equivalence.

As promised, here’s some info on #notallmen .  Here’s a classic Scalzi on SWM, the lowest difficulty setting.

Have your students been anxious?  Do you have advice for Bardiac about what to do?

I hope she writes a post about her first million!

An oldie:  Expanded ramblings on extreme living.

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  1. Link love | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] Chick Fil A and when called out was repeatedly “both sides”ing homophobia vs something unusually nice Starbucks was doing that Fox News was demonizing or vs. Michelle Obama writing a book, but I’m weak about click-bait titles on blogrolls). I […]

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