Link love

Here’s how to check your status online if you live in Wisconsin.  Support Wisconsin democrats so they can contact purged voters.  Another good paired action to do this holiday season is to support postcards to voters to help get the vote out– one initiative is to write postcards to registered voters in Florida so they sign up to vote by mail.

ICE to collect fingerprints and other personal data from adults picking up migrant kids from shelters

The current media narrative is that the left is burned out and doesn’t care and that impeachment is both obviously deserved and pointless.  They’re ignoring that impeachment is incredibly popular.  And, as Samantha Bee explains, it is not pointless, even if plutocrats want us to give up.

A forgotten war on women.

Schmoozing and the Gender Gap.

How museums hide women’s and queer histories in plain sight.

This xkcd explains so much!



One Response to “Link love”

  1. Becca Says:

    That Macy’s spoof is God’s Honest Truth.

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