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How Rupert Murdoch is influencing Australia’s Bush Fire debate (the link says “fires-murdoch-disinformation” in case you only read headlines…)

Texas is making it more difficult for public employees to donate to planned parenthood, but they can still donate to religious orgs easily.

US Textbooks: Texas vs. California edition. I grew up in a Midewestern state that used CA textbooks… I remember thinking that’s where a lot of Obama’s basic beliefs (that I shared) came from. Currently I live in a state that uses Texas textbooks and they are awful. Fortunately we’re bypassing a lot of that in high school by DC1 only taking AP history classes which use AP textbooks. But it’s in the water. (We also bought Lies my Teacher Told Me for DC1 which is full of history not twisted to the TX state board of education’s specifications (amazon link=> we get small cut).)

An oldie from Miser Mom: Do not read the book.

The cost of mental health hospitalization. Protip: Do not say you want to kill yourself while in a doctor’s office lobby unless you mean it. Especially if you’re under 18.

Compare candidates plans for Social Security

A really good commentary on the types of roles that black actors get Oscar nods for, and the kind they don’t. This needs to change.

Nobody I know likes the results they got from this Washington Post quiz: Which candidate agrees with me… I think because a 20 question quiz that has selected policy positions and doesn’t account for the strength of how much you care about things . I am FAR less progressive than Elizabeth Warren, but I’m FINE with her positions and I think she’s the candidate most likely to rid the federal government of Russian Spies and to address important monopoly and privacy issues. And ALL of the candidates other than Trump are going to do the things I care about: stop selling our country, stop hurting children, stop torturing immigrants, stop committing major crimes, and so on… In any case, it says I agree with Bloomberg most and Biden second. Which does make me think a little bit more seriously about Bloomberg’s candidacy. But with Biden I’m concerned that if he can’t stop touching women for a single week, then there’s probably other really important things he is also not capable of that could continue to put our country in danger.

I have not had a working desktop at work since NOVEMBER. This is a university-wide problem for anyone who uses dropbox since they decided to encrypt our harddrives with Symentec.

Free fun family talks about living values a bit better.


11 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Matthew D Healy Says:

    My late father, a retired Professor of US History, read my nephew’s History textbook a couple of Thanksgivings ago and was quite favorably impressed by it. I dunno which book; it’s whatever AP History in Chicago Public Schools used at that time.

    If Dad were still alive I’d love to discuss the NY Times study of TX vs CA texts with him. I suspect in many if not all cases he’d prefer the CA version.

    Unrelated: in World History circa 1975 my teacher saying about China “then when Mao saw what bloomed, he plucked those hundred flowers.”

  2. teresa Says:

    I am the only person I know who got the candidate I prefer on that quiz – and I was actually thought I would get someone different. But as you said, all the candidates will do the things I care most about so…

    I’m kind of impressed with the CA textbook excerpts and I really wish I remembered more of what my actual textbooks said in HS- I’m definitely appalled now by some of the things I was taught (in public school, in CA, in the late 90s) but some were definitely teacher rather than textbook driven. (Eg, how all the biology teachers- AP and regular- refused to teach the required chapter on evolution, gave it as optional reading, and spent the class time explaining how evolution was a theory and had no more evidence to support it than creationism. My AP bio teacher went on to explain how evolution was *obviously* untrue as otherwise there would be neanderthal and other proto-human hominid persons all over the world as monkeys continued to evolve into humans.) I also remember my US history teacher hammering in that the civil war had absolutely nothing to do with slavery and was totally about economics and the idea that slavery was of any importance to the war was a modern myth. I did not learn better for many years. But now I can’t remember if that was supported in our text or just what was taught in the lecture.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Now you’ve got me wondering now how good our textbooks were and how can we have standard AP tests with wildly different textbooks? But I don’t remember the AP history tests so very well anymore.

  4. Debbie M Says:

    That information on Chase is horrifying.

    I also got wacky results on the political quiz, but I noticed they had no questions on my #1 issue (corruption) and very little on my #2 issue (climate change), so that’s to be expected.

  5. Debbie M Says:

    Oh, and on Social Security, no one talks about how the reason that contributions are capped after a certain income is that payouts are also capped. I haven’t yet researched whether those who want to lift one cap are also wanting to lift the other.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I know the answer to that. No, they don’t. They just want to lift the cap on contributions. Those folks don’t need more Social Security!
      The main idea is that Social Security is only going to be able to pay ~70% of its obligations for a long while, and lifting the cap is a relatively painless way to help with that gap.

      • Debbie M Says:

        I figured. Thanks for the confirmation. And justification! Because I was thinking that wouldn’t be fair.

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