What are your current favorite blogs?

What do you love?

You can see our blogroll over at the side, but it hides some of our favs as we tend to mostly link to places with good blogrolls (with a few exceptions).

Missing are: Agaishanlife, bitchesgetriches, dameeleanorhull, ipickuppennies, naturalscientist, retireby40, shepicksuppennies, stackingpennies , xykademiqz.com… hey!  plantingourpennies just updated for the first time in a while… I’m sure we’re forgetting some!  (And do we just like blogs with pennies in the name?)

Many of our old favorites have just stopped blogging– they are missed!

I’m sad to say we cut an academic blog when it because abundantly obvious the blogger was a TERF (in fact, prior to her faux-feminist spewing I did not realize such a mind-boggling thing existed, though #2 knew).  I lost my last homeschooling mom blog when there were a series of things in a row showing that she doesn’t think about how actions can affect people who aren’t in her specific hetero-CIS-white demographic (if it had been just one thing I’d probably still be reading… but I can’t in good conscious continue… plus she periodically spreads harmful messages about how you should be jealous of “successful” (craftier/better homemaker/etc.) women but you shouldn’t actually be jealous because instead of being perfect, they’re all messed up in ways they’re not showing you, which is both a way the patriarchy pulls women down and neither true nor helpful… also not everybody’s idea of success).  I’m now scratching that I dunno… simplicity? itch listening to Young House Love Has a Podcast in the car.

What do you still read?  Do you have anything new we should check out?


20 Responses to “What are your current favorite blogs?”

  1. mkowalewski Says:

    I love Book Riot but it looks like you already have that one!

  2. Michael N Nitabach Says:

    I wonder what ever happened to that f*ckebagge Physioprof??? His or her blogge was an egregious sh*tshow.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Or all I said this morning was that Bolton’s book shows he needs to be called as a witness and surely other people do too. A real trial needs real witnesses.

  4. monsterzero Says:

    Not that many of the bloggers I was reading still post…whatever.scalzi.com, Stonekettle Station, Gin & Tacos, qntm.org are still there. Hm, mostly white guys, I need to branch out. Robot Hugs is a webcomic that’s blogesque, Captain Awkward is advice but feels kinda bloggy sometimes.

    I miss Shakesville.

  5. delagar Says:

    You probably know who I read, since I have a blog roll — but my favorites are you and Unfogged. (Unfogged isn’t on my blogroll. Whyyy?)

    I also like TYWKIWDBI, which is just a guy who posts cool things he finds everywhere on the net / in meatspace.

  6. bookishbiker Says:

    I like https://treadlightlyretireearly.com/ – and on Wednesdays she highlights the blog posts of other women in personal finance, so I’ve found a few additions since then. Most notably https://alloptionsconsidered.com/

  7. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Yes to pretty much everyone on your list, plus my old stand-bys (some of which don’t update regularly): One Frugal Girl, NZ Muse, Tread Lightly, Our Next Life, Yet Another PF blog, Luxe Strategist, ParanoidAsteroid (we go WAY back).

    I’ve added An Exacting Life, A Purple Life, Rich and Regular, All options considered and Kassandra Dasent.

    Thinking about adding A Dime Saved.

  8. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Well, I read *your* blog a lot! And ravelry’s blog, though that’s a bit specific. I like Go Fug Yourself, which is fluffy but never body-shaming.

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