Young house love has a podcast talked about how in the Hygge book, the guy who wrote the book rewarded himself with a chair.

For example, this guy who wrote the book had saved money for a new chair that he really wanted. But he waited until he published his first book to buy the chair. And so that way in buying the chair it reminds him of this accomplishment, and it feels like more than just the time I bought the chair. It’s like, “Remember when I wrote that book, and then I bought myself this chair to celebrate?”

I used to reward myself.  I’d read a part of an article for a referee report and then I’d get to watch a 4 min youtube video or read a section of a chapter of a novel.  If I got X done, I’d get to read a book.  And so on.

But… forcing myself to be productive via rewards has been harder to do lately… If there’s a reward I will just take it without actually doing the work.

I want it I got it.

I think I’ve been losing this ability since we got really comfortable with our finances and there’s really nothing reasonable that we can’t have (so long as we don’t want a house in Paradise).  I feel like no longer needing to deny myself monetarily has spilled over to other areas of my life as well.  Like, even if DH and I lost our jobs tomorrow we still wouldn’t be forced to live in a van by the river any time soon.  I’ve also been listening to my hunger a bit less… though my desire to not have to buy any new clothing helps a bit there.

Do rewards work for you?  How do you reward yourself?  If not, did they ever work?  How do you get yourself to get through unpleasant tasks?


7 Responses to “Rewards”

  1. Steph Says:

    Rewards work well for me, sort of.

    I really like Habitica’s gamification setup, where achieving your to-dos levels up your little character and they gain gold, and then you cam “spend” the gold on rewards. It worked great for me in grad school. But it’s too hard to organize large numbers of tasks, and so I’ve let it go recently. But I miss the ability to obviously and easily save points to get bigger rewards – getting the gold and exp in the moment was it’s own little reward AND gave me a way to control my bigger rewards.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Script from Celeste P to call your senators and rep:

    You: Hi, my name is [name], I’m calling from [zip code].
    You: I’m calling because I want [elected] to act urgently on the following issues:
    Begin taking actions towards having AG Barr impeached. His conduct proves he can no longer remain in his position, and he clearly will not resign.
    Request the four prosecutors in the Stone case testify in front of House Judiciary/House Oversight. We need to hear from them, before more stories overshadow the fallout of the case.
    I also want [elected] to confirm they will support any related investigations on determining what influence Trump/Barr took behind the scenes on the Stone case, including the fallout related to Jessie K. Liu
    And finally, I want [elected] to clarify what they will do to protect against further retaliation. Robert O’Brien claimed we were not a banana republic – we need to prove it w/ urgent Congressional action.
    You: Finally, I want [elected] to condemn Trump’s decision to basically call himself a king. If [elected] truly believes in our democracy, they need to furiously push back against any types of these comments.
    You: [Optional comments]

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I don’t think rewards work for me, not in the “do this, get that” way or in the “work for 15 minutes, get a treat” kind of way. It seems like it would be easier if they did.

    I have to be intrinsically motivated or I use guilt to juice the intrinsic motivation.

  4. First Gen American Says:

    I remember I allowed myself to buy a surround sound system after I paid off my student loans but before I started saving for a house. That was the only big reward I was looking forward to.

    Now it’s more about….will I use it? If I am confident it will get a lot of use, I will buy it. Luckily there are a lot of things where I am not sure how much I will really use something so some of those items never get purchased. I know I will use good winter gloves….I don’t know if I will use an insta pot or an air fryer so I don’t buy them. But we have a lot more disposable income than we used to.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      These days if I’m out of books to read I’ll just buy one off my amazon list. Back in the day I didn’t run out of books to read because I was better about using them as rewards and I read harder books!

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