Tell us about your pets

We only have one kitty now, Nice Kitty, and she truly is a nice kitty.  She is very polite and understands that she should only get demanding about morning food after DH has dropped off DC1 at the bus stop.  Prior to then she might occasionally sing the song of her people, but more like when you have your windshield wiper on the lowest setting.  Mow.  Mow.  And only after DH has gotten out of bed.  She understands routines and doesn’t deviate from them much.  (Though when it’s cold she sleeps on our bed and when it’s warm, she stays in the living room or in her own room (she has claimed the guest bedroom as her personal hangout) )

Do you have a pet?  Share something fun or lovely about them!  Because the best part of the internet is the animals.


23 Responses to “Tell us about your pets”

  1. delagar Says:

    We have two cats — Jasper is “my” cat, and she regulates my life very sternly. If I don’t get up at 6:30 (my usual waking time), she prowls the bedroom uttering commands: “Mow! Mow! MOW!”

    Junti, on the other hand, who is Dr. Skull’s cat, randomly wanders the house screaming at the top of her kitty lungs (WOW! WOW!) for no reason. Ghosts, I guess.

  2. Steph Says:

    I currently have two kitties, 14yo and 5yo; I adopted them back in the fall. In theory, they’re bonded, but I’ve seen very little evidence of that. They usually won’t hang out with me at the same time, although sometimes they’ll sit on the back of the couch at opposite ends, things like that. The 5yo is very silly; she definitely cries for attention and is very needy, and she loves being “patted” and aggressively petted. It seemed weird at first but she’s clearly in a state of bliss. *shrug* The 14yo had a harder time adjusting and has some other health issues; something switched recently and she’s needs to follow me EVERYWHERE. She’s a tiny little long-haired purrbox with a very judgey face.

    They are both currently under the table, as my department as advised us all to work from home. The 5yo is staring at me and keeps poking me with her paw like “you’re home, y u no pet?”

  3. Foscavista Says:

    We have three cats – a tuxedo (f), a brown tabby (m), and an orange tabby (m). I thought I was going to be a one-cat person. After my first year of my TT position, I decided to “reward” myself by adopting a cat. (Through my 20s, I lived in apartments that did not permit pets.) I went to the local shelter and sat down in the cat room. My tuxedo cat (who was a kitten at the time) crawled into my lap and fell asleep. I was sold.

    I took her home, and she shut down – she didn’t eat and slept the entire time. I panicked, thinking I was going to kill my first pet as an adult. I called the shelter and was told that cats have a hard time to adjust from a multiple-feline environment to a single one. So, I went back to get another cat. (In retrospect, that could have a marketing ploy.) I brought the tuxedo along, and she became animated again. She went to their food bowl and started eating. While she was doing that, the brown tabby came by and ate with her. I was sold, thinking that they could live together. (I did ask for a two-for-one adoption price, which they gave me.)

    While I was enjoying the kitten life, my then-partner-now-husband was finishing up a post doc in another state. Thus, he missed out on them being kittens. Years later, after buying our house, he was doing yard work, and, all of a sudden, the orange tabby (kitten) came out and started playing with him. The kitten was visibly underfed and had no collar. I was unsure about taking him in, but the local children had put him in a basket and went door to door, asking if anyone had lost a kitten. I felt bad for the kitten, so we brought him in but locked him in the half bath (for fear of a possible disease spreading to the other cats). I took him to the vet the following business day, who scanned him for a microchip. Not having one, the kitten became our third cat.

    (We have a twelve-paw maximum rule in the house.)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yay homing kitties! I’m still a little blown away how we went from 2 cats to 9 cats to 1 cat over the course of a few years. (I’d prefer to still be a 3 cat household, but Little Kitty and Big Kitty had good lives.) And the adult toms we caught in our backyard are such amazing cats and their owners love them so much that it makes me think maybe just setting a trap in the backyard and seeing what happens might be the best way to get new pets. Only without the possums. (eek!)

    • delagar Says:

      We have a 12-paw rule too!

      When my kid was little, he came to me one day and said, “So if Big Dog lost a leg, and Spike lost a leg, and Jasper lost a leg…could we adopt a 3-legged kitten?”

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Hah the timing. I just posted an update about this on Monday ( and was thinking about how sad I am that Seamus is getting really creaky and wobbly on his feet. We’re doing everything we can, he LOOKS great to the outside observer, but his strength and boundless energy are … bounded now. He’s such a love, though, I have to hope he has a lot more good quality time left.

  5. Miser Mom Says:

    I used to have 3 cats: Athos, Porthos, & Aramis. Now we have a dog, Prewash. When people ask me her breed, I say “yellow wiggly dog”. She’s super friendly with people, and my students often beg me to bring her to school. (Just to be REALLY sure there’s no peer pressure, I have students fill out an anonymous survey, because even one “no” would mean I’d leave her at home). So she’s been a therapy pet for many of my homesick students.

    I’m thinking of bringing her to my office on Friday . . . after that, spring break, and we’ve just been told that students won’t be allowed to come back to campus after spring break. So my students really need a bunch of puppy love right now.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      ooh, love the three musketeers theme!

      The rest of the semester is going to be different (hard, I think).

    • Quid Novum Infernum Says:

      We considered the musketeers’s names for our cats! We have three, from an abandoned litter, semi-feral older kittens at the start. One now sleeps with us, one will consent to be petted but not picked up, and one only ventures near if there are treats involved.

      For quite a while we either inherited older cats or adopted mature “unadoptable” ones, so these are the first young cats we’ve had in decades. It’s hilarious to watch them play. We got them shiny new toys at the start, but their favorite is any stray hair elastic. We also have an ottoman they’re allowed to use as a scratching surface, and they like to lie on the floor in front of it and drag themselves around the corner by their claws. (Doesn’t sound like much, but it is delightfully silly to watch.)

      I miss having dogs, though. It was one of the great joys of visiting my family — a dog for every lap.

    • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

      That is so lovely that you have the option of bringing Prewash (and confirmed a full agreement via anonymous survey) for them. I’m sure they are so appreciative of having some dog love when they’re at school.

  6. Leah Says:

    We have an awesome cat named Lucy. Her name is inspired by several different biological things (the ancient hominid Lucy, the enzyme luciferase, etc). She was really sick last fall, and I had to give her subcutaneous fluids and feed her baby food with a syringe. She managed to pull through. We’re still not 100% sure exactly what happened. She’s still on prednisone. The most annoying part of all is that she switched her preference from dry food to wet. She used to be both awesome and low maintenance.

    She was pretty grumpy when we started having kids (not mean to them — just hid a lot). She’s slowly getting used to them, and she’ll now let them pet her if they’re being calm.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      poor darling
      I’m glad she pulled through!

      Our cats have always started liking the kids more once they got bigger and able to open doors and treat bags. (Though Big Kitty was just super good with human babies. So mellow.)

  7. monsterzero Says:

    Minerva is a 5yo big gray tabby who is very brave and vocal when she wants to go out. She stalks deer and twice has tried to touch noses with one. She also stands up to our neighbor’s three yappy little dogs when they run right up to her. She has a very loud purr and a large stash of toys hidden around the house.

    Gala is a 6yo tortie who looks to be part Russian blue. She’s named after Salvador Dali’s wife and is a obsessive cuddlebug. As in, when we met her at the shelter she climbed up on and sat on both of us. Gala is smaller and more recent but we refer to her as big sister and Minna as little sister; she pushes Minna around a bit and is reflexively envious when she thinks Minna might be getting food, attention, or access to the outdoors. Her purr is more of a quiet rusty rumble, and she usually squeaks rather than do a regular meow.

    Gala is our FOMO princess and Minna is our Minna Warrior Princess.

  8. Katherine Says:

    We have a foxhound named Maryam (after Mirzakhani – we’re mathematicians). We got her at a shelter last summer after our beloved beagle died suddenly last May. We were beginning to despair over ever finding a dog we could agree on, especially because our beagle had been so, so wonderful and we missed him so, so much.

    When we met Maryam for the first time, she came straight over to nuzzle our toddler. She took longer to warm up to my husband and me, but was always sweet and gentle – never a hint of aggression. We thought it over for a few days, and eventually I couldn’t say no to a dog who so clearly wanted to be my kid’s dog. The two of them bonded pretty hard, and she is so patient with a grabby toddler. Now that the toddler’s getting bigger and is steadier, the two of them love to play together.

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