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The assistant to the president and director of social media at the white house doctored a Joe Biden clip that President Trump then retweeted.


Postcardstovoters has a campaign right now getting Democrats in Florida to sign up for voting by mail.  That sounds like something good to do while sipping on your quarantini.  Here’s info on how to get postcards and stamps and how to sign up.  (You can just stick them in your mailbox when you’re done for the postal worker to pick up!)

How one blogger got refunds back after cancelling their Japan trip.

Should schools be closed?

Male privilege is real

More money, more options.

I hugged my children close and begged them to never go on the bachelor franchise 


5 Responses to “link love”

  1. bookishbiker Says:

    And now Washington schools are closed for six weeks! Here in Oregon it’s through the end of the month and likely to extend. Arts, sports, gatherings of 250 or more – done for a month. It’s so odd.

    I’ve had to cancel a trip but I bought the tickets with points about nine months ago. I’m waiting till closer to the date to try to cancel in hopes they’ll waive change fees (also the phone lines are impossible to get through. I expect they’ll have much more time for me in a few weeks).

  2. rose Says:

    Schools here closed for month and extension possible. Higher education will have on-line classes and finals. K-12 claims there will be ‘homeschool’ work packages to be done 5 days a week. Some schools are saying the intended material should be about 4 hours of school work/day but most public schools are not saying that! Groupevents limited legally now to under 100 people. Places of worship are social media only, San Francisco Public Library virtual access only. Museums shut. Zoo currently open but not indoor spaces, no merry-go-round. All public playgrounds are assumed to be contaminated with virus. Municipal transportation has a new smell…. what could it be??? …. oh my word!!.. it is disinfectant!!!!!! (This means clean muni trains/bus can, and could,, have happened?!) Movie theaters are claiming to be allowing extra time between showing movies so they can wipe down chairs where reserved ticket seats are used; they are also claiming to be spacing reserved ticket purchasers out among the theater but attendance is down down down.
    What are you all planning about hair cuts, house cleaners, dentist, ballet classes, book clubs etc?
    Social distancing is isolating for those who live alone but also complex for those who live with others in small spaces, especially those without yards. I hope very much this site will be posting regularly as it is a big support and expands horizons that are looking smaller right now.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We only do the dentist 2x year and just went over winter break. I only tend to get haircuts once a year. Everyone else has gotten a haircut recently enough that I think we’ll be ok. We’ve decided not to do piano lessons for a while (the teacher is older and her college daughter is a big fox news junkie so that house is probably not going to be social distancing), but we’re not sure about DC1’s violin lesson– that teacher is younger and mostly teaches only children of Asian immigrants who are taking this all very seriously and doesn’t have college age kids at home. I assume she will provide guidance as to her comfort levels, but if she doesn’t we will play it by ear, I guess.

      We’re letting the lawn mowing people mow the lawn as per usual.

      I wonder if AP tests will be offered in the Spring.

  3. rose (again) Says:

    In my area AP testing could occur but only in settings where less than 100 in room …. and I bet they space the test takers out more widely than the distance to avoid cheating.
    Life is changing. I hope the new standards for cleaning/disinfecting public transportation continues.
    Hoping curve flattens, and as always so very much appreciation for you making the time to keep this forum up and informative and interesting and positive while truthful.

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