Link Love

Did you get a weird postcard in the mail this week?

Upset about the bungled US pandemic response?  Swing Left has suggestions for activism you can do from home.

I hope this isn’t creepy stalkerish… but if you’d been worried about chacha, I ran across this brief update on whatever.

Five Short Answers to Way More Than Five Long Questions: COVID-19 Edition

I don’t watch much television, but I WOULD WATCH THIS.  The world needs this.

8 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you.
    In a Blue state so did not get the postcard mail. We are intended to die so we can not vote I assume. Guess MI is also dispensable for electoral college votes these days. Is it understood that many will survive but without loved ones/friends and we WILL remember and vote? Even MS may learn, grieve and vote.
    And where and how will we replace our doctors and nurses? We do not have the med schools or students in the supply chain at this time. Who will insert the ventilators, who will monitor them?
    PLEASE STAY ISOLATED AT HOME. Not fun I know but important …. and we need to do it for long enough to not just ‘flatten the curve’ but until it has stayed flat bottomed out gone for over 14 days, AND then until supplies catch up to medical facilities……. and until we can really do large large number testing for active virus AND for who had it, recovered, and has some immunity now.

  2. teresa Says:

    I haven’t got the postcard (yet). I did get the phone alert yesterday that basically said “hey, everyone, you’re still supposed to be staying home. Seriously, we mean it. And since you haven’t been listening, now you can’t go to the beach or hiking either.”

    re the 5 short answers- but can I call the non-emergency police about the anti-choice protestors still congregating outside my work? They are not standing 6 feet apart. (only 85% facetious here. they’re making me extra angry right now.)

    About how we will replace doctors and nurses- in the short term? I think there will be rapid voluntary re-credentialing of people who have maintained their licenses but not hospital-based privileges (eg people like me who practice in outpatient-based settings but also those who are primarily research focused or retired). In the longer term- not sure why the statement that there are not medical schools/students in the pipeline right now. Students at all the schools I know of have been pulled from direct patient care but I’m not sure how long-term impactful (on training) that will be. Medicine runs on a July-July academic calendar. Generally graduation is late May/early June but graduating seniors are “matched” to their residency assignment the third Friday in March- which happened as planned the 17th. Unless things have drastically changed since I finished fellowship, no crucial learning happens in the last few months of school. People do the easiest electives they can find and go on vacation. Seniors scheduled to graduate will still graduate and they will still start working somewhere between mid-June and July 1. A lot will have to learn critical care fast, which really sucks. But it is an influx of new bodies. (and honestly a lot of them have at least done an ICU rotation a lot more recently than say, I have). For those who should be doing their core rotations right now or starting in the next few months- my husband and I (both physicians but neither at an academic center) were discussing that yesterday. My best guess is that most schools will consolidate their 3rd and 4th year curricula into a shorter time frame in order to graduate future classes on schedule. That won’t make a difference in the immediate pandemic but avoids the longer-term chaos/understaffing/need-to-actually-pay-people-to-do-both-medical-and-non-medical-crap-that-residents-are-expected-to-do-without-complaint that would follow from a missing year of medical school graduates.

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