• You guys know that Thanos was the bad guy, the super-villain, in the last Avengers movie and that Soylent Green was a dystopia, right?  And when people joke about the bungled Covid-19 response being the Republican plan for fixing Social Security, that is dark humor, not an endorsement.
  • PhD readers, you know how sometimes we may have nightmares that we didn’t get a high school degree or didn’t finish the PhD so we have to go back and do it over again?  I had a lovely dream last night that I was missing two credits (a PE and some kind of Humanities credit) for College.  It was lovely.  I was like, “Oh no, I’m going to have to take a semester off from work to go swimming in Paradise, and maybe take I dunno, a film studies class or something.”
  • Re: exercise.  Week one we did calisthenics and somehow I did something terrible to my right back shoulder blade area.  I don’t know if it happened during calisthenics or while asleep or while sitting or lifting something (laundry?  groceries?) or what, but I definitely did not want to do pushups.  My sister (bless her) gave me some stretching exercises that helped a lot but I think it was a combo of needing to stretch and needing to heal, not just stretching.  So week 2 we did Yoga with Adrienne, specifically the first 7 days of her 30 day workout, who we wish we could listen to on mute but really can’t.  Her exercises were for the most part pretty pleasant and definitely good for days spent at the computer.  Week 3 we decided to go back with aerobic exercises and Joe Wick’s daily kids PE.  Turns out I do not have 30 minutes of full energy for aerobic activity, but I do have about 15.  Boy does he talk a lot.  I think week 4 we will go back to Adrienne.
  • DC2’s feet have outgrown hir current shoes.  So we had to buy some online, which was weird because we don’t really know if they’ve grown a half size up or a whole size.  (New Balance’s sizing chart is garbage– the shoes are always smaller than the measurement… but the question is by how much!)
  • This is the third week of online K-12 and they’re doing new material and grades matter.  I’m not sure how well this is going to work out for DC2 since zie refused to do any of the school stuff for third graders … and since it was either way too easy or required extensive parental involvement, we allowed hir to do hir weekend workbooks every day instead. Zie also had been sleeping in until noon and sneaking up super late to read pokemon comics and harry potter and Nikki Tesla books and who knows what else.  Last weekend we started hir on an alarm (albeit at 10am, not 6) to transition back to having to do regular school.
  • I am incredibly grateful that this past year I bought the ipad pro and a new laptop.  With 4 people needing to zoom and do homework/work, it is super helpful to have multiple devices.  #privilege  So much privilege.  Our school district has been pretty good about this… they used the two transition weeks to find out who has difficulty with technology access and have handed out tablets to all the high schoolers and middle schoolers without access.  They don’t know if they will be able to get all low-access elementary schoolers though.  :(  Our city also has worked with cell phone providers and the university has been working with our two internet providers to get limits on data removed and increased access.  Though MY monopoly provided internet still goes down during class from time to time, just like it does in the summer.
  • I’ve had two students drop my required core class, but they may have dropped even without the pandemic.  Though the pandemic did make it easier to drop without consequences.
  • I continue to buy stuff online… we got hot sauces from heatonist (yes, Keith’s chicken sauce is exactly as advertised).  DH bought chocolates from Chocosphere.  I got a pasta roller from sur la table.  We did another nuts.com order.  I got some bandanas from urbanoutfitters online (update:  some of these have been cancelled).   Nothing is coming when promised (technically the hot sauces did, but pretty much everything else has been delayed), but it’s kind of fun having stuff appear randomly.
  • Two custodians who work in my building at work have been diagnosed with Covid 19.  I hope they’re ok and I’m glad that I’ve been working from home.  Not so happy that a couple of my older colleagues are still going into the office.  (Zooming from their offices for faculty meetings!)
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36 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Michael N Nitabach Says:

    I’ve alwayz loved shopping for clothes & shoez & perfumez, so not being able to go to the storez is driven me batty! To make up for it, I’ve been ordering perfumez on line… Too many perfumez…

  2. Miser Mom Says:

    My college has locked us out of buildings; our fobs no longer work. It’s complying with governors orders. We can send an email to a specific place to request one-time access (I’m going to go in later this week, I hope, with a giant list of printing needs I’ve been pulling together). Taking the dog in to chase tennis balls doesn’t cut it, apparently. Okay, I didn’t really ask about *that*. I’m sad we can’t go in, because it’s so peaceful there, but I completely understand why. I’m so sorry about your cleaning crew . . .

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Social distancing is critically important and it only takes a few deviations to lead to big problems.

      • Miser Mom Says:

        Yeah, exactly. Turns out “printing exams for my students who need paper copies” doesn’t count as a reason to get into my office, so I didn’t go in anyway. So, more home time.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I ended up having to pretend my midterm was a blue-book exam (but with sheet paper instead of bluebooks) for about half my students who didn’t have printers. It can help to tell them no more than one problem per page because that’s the easiest way to keep them from running out of space on a problem because they went back and didn’t have room for 2. (Like, having a sheet of paper with problem 1, then a little bit of 2, then 3 with an arrow to the back, then they realize they messed 2 up and … All avoided if they never try to put 2 on the same page as 1.)

  3. delagar Says:

    We’ve been locked out of our buildings too. It seemed like a good idea all along, and even more so now that one of my colleagues (and his kid) have the rona.

    Meanwhile, I too need shoes. I’ve been needing them since about January, but I kept putting it off until we had more money (ha) and now they’ve split along the toes. I do have a second pair (hiking boots) which I can wear if I have to.

  4. Foscavista Says:

    I have dreams/nightmares of:
    1. going back to my undergrad and redoing my major, although I have my PhD.
    2. going to all my classes but one and knowing (and dreading) that I will fail that course.
    3. being in college and having no idea when and where my classes meet.
    4. attending undergraduate Spanish classes (my PhD) and acing them.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I have had 1-3 except about K-12 or grad school, not college. And sometimes I’m the professor who hasn’t attended class all semester and has to give a final exam! Though I don’t know why that would be a problem if I just give everyone As… surely nobody would complain about the class that never was… (I kid!)

    • Leah Says:

      I decided to become a teacher after finishing my MS in Ecology & Evolution. I really enjoyed being a TA and realized research wasn’t my thing. To get my teaching license, I did a graduate program. I had to do several 100 and 200 level undergrad science courses to fill “deficiencies” because my state requires all science teachers to have a broad background.

      Let me tell you, doing astronomy 101 or geology 201 was pretty darn accessible after having done grad school. I still had to study (these were, after all, new subjects for me). But I had no problem earning a 4.0 for my entire program for my MAT (masters of arts in teaching). I actually did enjoy taking most of the classes they required. It was pretty fun to be in undergrad classes and understand how to study and prepare.

  5. gwinne Says:

    I’m really torn about buying stuff online right now. On the one hand, folks in warehouses and delivery trucks aren’t as protected as they need to be. On the other hand, if no one’s buying stuff they don’t have jobs. Did your chocolate delivery come? I might need one of those…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It’s scheduled for either Thursday or Friday, I forget which. We’re supposed to get a TON of stuff on Thursday. (Also including additional Easter chocolates from nuts.com….) Yesterday we got DC2’s shoes and a replacement mouse for DC1 (hir trackball broke partly from heavy use and partly because zie is always worrying things until they break).

      I think the best companies for online purchases are having delays and stopping orders from time to time because they’re being extremely careful to limit the number of people in the warehouse at any point in time and are shutting down instead of lying to employees when someone becomes covid positive. Some of these smaller places have even said they have only one person on each warehouse shift and clean and sanitize between shifts.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Waaaaaah our Thursday and Friday packages are delaaaaaaaayyyyyyed. Even though they got shipped. That makes tomorrow less to look forward to. But people’s health is more important than my chocolate. I should just not look at the tracking– it’s better for it to be a pleasant surprise.

    • Debbie M Says:

      Oh, oh! I have recommendations on ordering chocolate!

      First, from a local (to Seattle) shop, I highly recommend the chocolate orange lotion. (The other scents that I expected to like more–plain and mint–were not as good.) Super pricy, though. There is a smaller size than the one I linked to:
      * https://indichocolate.com/products/chocolate-orange-lotion

      My next recommendation is from a chain–in Belgium. My friend who visited picked out this company as the most delicious affordable chocolates. And he brought me back a box of 8. You know how Whitman’s Sampler chocolates always suck, even if you do find your favorite flavor? Well Leonidas are always delicious, even if you get the yucky flavors (for example, I don’t like coffee). When I visited Belgium, there was a shop in the airport, and that is how I cashed out my leftover Belgian cash, yum. And now you can get them in the US, too. Hmm, these look pricy, too, but it’s partly because you have to get a whole pound.
      * https://leonidas-chocolate.com/collections/hand-packed-ballotins

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      important chocosphere update: Should be arriving tomorrow (Friday)! I need either the nuts.com order or the chocosphere order by Sunday or the Easter bunny’s baskets will have to be supplemented with something healthy instead of candy or else look awfully bare. (I suppose we could try putting coins in plastic eggs or something.) (I did get books, but they’re too big for the baskets, which I wasn’t expecting, at least for DC2. :/)

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    That walmart order we made … 3? weeks ago for DH’s relative? He should be getting a single bottle of centrum vitamins today. No word on the children’s vitamins. (See, I felt guilty about only sending them junk food since that’s all Walmart thought they had in stock, so I was like if things get really bad, maybe vitamins will help. In retrospect I might have made different choices, but seeing 2 packages be spread out to 9+ has been pretty amusing.)

  7. Sb Says:

    For the shoes, you could buy a full size up and if they don’t fit you can keep them for later when your child grows again. If that’s not appealing you could order from Zappos which has free returns. Slightly painful to make a trip to the post office now if the shoes don’t work though.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We did (they came yesterday along with DC1’s replacement mouse which is already having problems), but then DC2 took off the tags before trying them on because I wasn’t explicit enough! Fortunately they mostly fit, though we probably could have gotten another half size up (despite their stupid sizing chart saying zie needs a smaller size!).

  8. bethh Says:

    I’ve been agonizing over what is necessary, what is safe, what is good for the workers, what is good for our collective health. It’s exhausting.

    Example: I needed a book, the physical library is closed, the digital library copy has a long wait list, I prefer not to use Amazon, so I found a print copy at a local indie bookseller. I ordered it Monday – it was listed as being physically in their store – and I’ll be able to pick it up tomorrow (show up and call and they’ll put it on the sidewalk out front). Which means three or four days to get a book that has been 3 miles from my home all along. Oh how I miss near-instant gratification.

    I had a similar situation earlier this week. I joined a plant start CSA to support a small farm that has lost a ton of restaurant business. They delivered a ton of plant starts on Sunday. Sunday morning I ordered dirt from a local nursery and was able to pick it up that afternoon. Sunday morning I also ordered boards for a raised bed, but it wasn’t ready for me until Monday afternoon. And I still wasn’t totally sure it was “okay” to pursue this project. I can say I never touched anything other than the items I purchased, and didn’t get within several feet of any humans, so I guess it was all right. But I’m exhausted by all this.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah… I’ve just been trying to be patient (or at least pretend to be patient by not complaining to the company) and to tip heavily when I can tip. It’s all overwhelming on top of work and the kids that I can’t do much more.

  9. CG Says:

    My school-related nightmare always involves me suddenly having to teach a math class.

    I ordered books for the kids for their Easter presents, a new shower curtain liner because ours has been washed too many times and has holes in it, and new heads for the kids’ electric toothbrushes, all from Amazon. I was hoping to consolidate all that into one order to make it less burdensome for them but I guess things were coming from different places so it wasn’t possible. My mom visited today for the first time since this all started (she lives about an hour away) and she and I sat in our backyard 10 feet apart and talked. I’m feeling sad that we won’t be able to visit her for Easter and that she’ll be alone. I was trying to think if there was a way we could have our Easter dinner outside and she’d just sit further away but a) that is probably not the spirit of the stay home order and b) I think that day it will just be too cold. I am doing a really good job keeping my shit together but this whole thing is a bummer.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, it’s been hard. Though on the plus side, we’ve been talking a lot more with relatives on the phone and via facetime. Like once or twice a week with people who used to be once a month.

      I love teaching math classes. :D Maybe chemistry would be my teaching cryptonite. I think I could BS most anything else, so long as there weren’t undergrads who actually knew what they were doing.

    • Middle class revolution Says:

      I hope you get more use from the pasta roller than we did. I think we used it 3x maybe and it has been in our garage for two years. The handle came off. I think we can easily put it back on but we haven’t even tried…

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Oh no!

        We got an “As seen on tv” pasta maker as a wedding present that we ended up giving it to my sister’s friend because we had no room in our 100 sq ft apartment for it and it really wasn’t great. This will be much smaller and DH had already made a few pastas with a rolling pin and a knife, so I’m hopeful that this one will get regular use. Or at least as much use as our electric fondue pot which I am grateful for a couple times a year.

  10. Lisa Says:

    I can report progress in the “I missed a course in school dream” arena! Last time I had that dream, I was headed to the Calc 1 final but had forgotten to attend class all semester. But then I remembered that I had a PhD and I told myself I could either wing it and pass the final or skip it because, I already have the PhD!

    Also – how are you not wearing shoes? I have to wear shoes all day because my feet hurt from walking around on our hardwood floors all day if I don’t. Maybe my feet are getting delicate in their middle age.

  11. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  12. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    My school nightmares are always about getting to school late enough in the morning that I miss the announcement of which schedule we’re on that day and I spend an hour trying to figure out which combination of classes I need to go to. Or related: that I don’t have my class schedule and cannot get it from anyone so I’m running around trying to figure out which class to go to. I don’t know why even my sleeping brain doesn’t just say forget it, I’m skipping school entirely today, this is too stressful and it’s just not that important in the grand scheme of things.

    I love perfumes/cologne in the abstract but I hate smelling them on people. Probably because it’s never subtle, the people I smell it on are doused in it and leave scent trails for several feet in their wake.

    I’ve ordered a few things online because, jobs and economy! But trying to avoid doing too much because health and isolation! It’s a weird balancing act.

  13. What are we doing to deal with the huge post-holiday Covid surge | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] the City.  I’ve already gotten a number of you hooked on nuts.com and we’ve spent some time talking about places other than amazon where we’re buying things.  Something remarkable has […]

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