• I tried to stop my DDA payments as allowed under the stimulus bill, but because of I don’t know what reason, instead of being able to stop $666 for two final paychecks, it was only able to stop $250 for one final paycheck.  I do not understand this at all.  They also made me provide a letter from after school saying it had been canceled.  But after school is trivial, it’s the summer daycamp that’s the problem.  We may end up being out $1-2K from this.  I’m glad I only put away $3K total.
  • Delayed additional nuts.com candies came on Friday.  Easter was saved!  We did have some (sadly melted) stuff from a Target order I’d made a month ago, but it wasn’t quite enough to make the baskets look full, especially since the books I ordered as the non-candy item were too big for the baskets.  (These are not big baskets– my MIL bought them when DC1 was in preschool and we just reuse them every year.)
  • DH is a bit of a min-maxer.  In an effort to preserve paper towels, he decided to use one of our kitchen cloths on some extremely buttery cinnamon roll dough.  He then washed it and got butter and cinnamon and nutmeg all over the washer drum and it took half the morning to get rid of it all (though things were smelling pleasantly cinnamony for a while).  He then realized that greasy or yucky things are the reason we are are trying to not use our paper towels for things that rags can easily handle.
  • (This may be TMI, but a couple weeks ago I got concerned that we were going through a roll of quad-ply every two days in the master bathroom and were going to run out.  Since that conversation it’s been more like every 6 days per roll… I’m not really sure how one goes from those extremes and I don’t really want to know.  But I suspect it may have something to do with that min-max habit…)
  • Despite what feels to me like a lot of groceries and online purchases, our pantry stores are diminishing rather than staying steady.  Maybe it’s the complete lack of eating out (including DC1 “forgetting” hir lunch and being “forced” to eat pizza, which mysteriously only happens on pizza hut days)?  Though our kids have also been on growth spurts, and boy can a hungry teenager consume a lot.  DH has decided that he’s been eating too much which I suspect means less stress baking (booooo) but may also have a large effect on how much we end up with each night as leftovers.  I don’t want him to diet, I just want him to be healthy and to eat what and how much seems right to him, but see above about min-maxing.
  • I’ve started hitting chatty.  I apologize in advance to anybody that I have an even sporadic texting relationship with. I am pretty amazing in small doses, but annoying in longer interactions.  Trying to be less annoying never seems to work, so I’ve learned to spread myself out.  Which is hard to do these days!  I am #blessed that my family puts up with me.
  • It’s not that I’m not getting zoomy interaction, it’s just that all that interaction is about important stuff.  It’s focused to a much greater extent than in person interactions because we can’t have little side conversations while we wait for the meeting to start without everyone overhearing, and of course the people who do have those side conversations in front of the entire zoom aren’t really the people I check in with (generally they are people with grown children whose kids are not at home!)
  • My sister has noted this is a problem at her company so she’s instituted little 15 min check-in zooms.  I’m not sure how they work, but they’re supposed to be about not work stuff.  I’m not sure how I would feel about my boss doing this… I’d probably be annoyed, but it was requested by her folks.
  • There are still people in my dreams and I still go places in my sleep.  I’ve been doing a lot of nature stuff in my dreams… places we’ve traveled or places we were planning to go this summer.  Usually there’s a lake.  (But no girl or otherwise who can speak with her eyes.) The other night I dreamed it was Christmas break and we were at DH’s parents.
  • DC2 had fun facetiming individual friends but zie REALLY had fun zooming with all three at once.  They discovered all sorts of joint zoom whiteboard functionality I did not know about.  (I still don’t know where the checkmarks came from.)
  • DH’s sister is pregnant with twins(!). (These will be children 3&4 and grandkids 7&8.).
  • Remember when DH thought he had rabies?  His seasonal allergies hit recently and zyrtec hasn’t been as effective as usual (at least, this is our hypothesis).  So he started stressing out and getting physiological responses to the stress which make it harder to sleep etc.  But we haven’t been out in a month and we’re careful with groceries and packages and handwashing.  He’s been working on deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation and that seems to help tone down the physiological response to stress which helps with the mental response as well because he no longer thinks he’s caught something terrible.  DC1 has been coughing and I’d been having similar allergy problems (recall, I am allergic to everything outside).  I gave DC1 a zyrtec and zie stopped coughing and I took a zyrtec and stopped having post-nasal drip.  So… pretty sure this is just some common allergen like ragweed or something.  We don’t usually have allergies at the same time, but it’s been an odd year.
  • Bubly grapefruit sparkling water tastes just like Squirt!  (Which apparently still exists?  But I haven’t seen it since I was a kid.)  (Not affiliate links.  Just reminiscent links.)
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23 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I love Squirt! It’s always been one of my favorite sodas.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I hadn’t thought about it in forever! But this Bubly grapefruit citrus can brought the memory back.

    • Cloud Says:

      I’ll accept Squirt as a substitute for Fresca but only under duress. I was very excited when our grocery store order showed up yesterday with the full amount of Fresca I’d ordered. Even when I go to the shop myself I often can’t get as much Fresca as I want!

      Maybe next time I can’t get Fresca I’ll try Bubly grapefruit.

  2. xykademiqz Says:

    “I’ve started hitting chatty. I apologize in advance to anybody that I have an even sporadic texting relationship with. I am pretty amazing in small doses, but annoying in longer interactions. Trying to be less annoying never seems to work, so I’ve learned to spread myself out. Which is hard to do these days! I am #blessed that my family puts up with me.”

    This hit me in all the feelz. This is what I usually do (assume I am generally annoying and try to avoid overdosing people, thinking I’m doing them a kindness). But when I brought this up (that I get to be too much/annoying quickly) a few times with a few people who I feel like me and know me, they looked at me like I’ve sprouted a second head. Apparently, they don’t think I’m annoying at all and some have brought up that I actually end up seeming aloof and disinterested (whereas all I tried to do is not impose, not suffocate them with my intensity). I think the problem is not the people who want me me in their lives; they would probably like more time and interaction. It’s the people whom I for some reason feel I should impress, who just don’t like me but feel like they have to pretend they do, and who have a hard time concealing their true feelings; from them, it comes across as if any amount of exposure to me is annoying, no matter how small I try to make myself or how considerate of their time I try to be. I need to stop vying for these people’s approval, restrict their access to my emotional core, and stick to perfunctory interactions. It’s always hard to admit, but some people will dislike me no matter what I do (or don’t do), and they’re not worth diminishing myself into oblivion.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      You are a far less annoying person than I! Basically the only person I can’t overexpose myself to is my husband. (double entendre not intended, but noticed) . Nobody has ever accused me of seeing aloof or disinterested, but I have gotten the opposite quite a bit. I do agree that people who dislike me no matter what aren’t worth it. But I also strongly suspect you really aren’t annoying at all and I can be if I’m not careful.

      • CG Says:

        Unless your blog personality is very different from your actual personality, I suspect you’re not so annoying IRL. Of course, none of us is everyone’s cup of tea. Incidentally, thinking that others find you annoying is a symptom of anxiety, one that first manifested for me when I was in college and continues to rear its head from time to time. I am now self aware enough to remind myself of evidence that many people don’t find me annoying (the maintenance of decades-long friendships, for one) and that helps. I wish cognitive behavioral therapy had been a thing when I was in college.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Oh no, I have been told plenty and have overheard conversations and if I ever ask, folks are like, yeah, but you get used to it… For the most part I haven’t had one of these conversations in 10 years or so because kids have first priority on my extroversion and students second, so I’ve spread myself out thinner.

  3. Preventive Annoyance Mitigation | xykademiqz Says:

    […] (the Grumpies) have a new post, and one part of it resonated strongly with me. This is the comment I left […]

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Our supplies don’t seem to hold steady so much, either and I’m not sure why. Stress is making my appetite go all over the map though and that’s really annoying. I don’t like having to skip most of our supplies because today they sound terrible.

    Re: rags, do you soak them in Oxi-clean? that’s my solution to preserving the washer when we’re also trying to use fewer paper towels.

    We have a once a week entirely voluntary brief check in for anyone who wants it and I don’t feel the need but I know my people like the opportunity to blow off steam.

    JB loves the IDEA of seeing their friends on calls but it never works out well.

    I got the bubly variety pack, I need to see if you’re right about the grapefruit flavor because I loved Squirt back in the day. I desperately want root beer and ginger ale sparkling water options.

  5. Miser Mom Says:

    I was trying to figure out why we don’t have the same cloth-butter difficulty you’ve had, given that we haven’t used paper towels since 2009. The only thing I can come up with is . . . dogs? Prewash (our dog) cleans most of the greasy pots & pans and such before we would hit it with rags. I dunno, it doesn’t sound like your situation quite matches, though.

  6. Lisa Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one mentally keeping track of how long the TP rolls are lasting! I have several different brands and am trying to remember how long each one lasts for future reference when I’m able to choose what kind of TP to buy again. Clearly, I need to have a conversation with myself in which I prioritize where I direct my mental energies. We are also going through SO MUCH food! But then I remembered that none of us ate lunch at home in the before times, and we’d eat out for dinner 2-3 times a week. So it shouldn’t surprise me that our grocery bill is ~ 2x what it usually was. Also, +1 on the chatty. I’d love to have a conversation with anyone outside of my family. Grocery store clerk, person passing on their bicycle, ANYONE!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I get you!

      We haven’t actually been able to get ANY toilet paper since before quarantine. I thought with the students gone that it would start repopulating at stores, but no… So right now it’s like, if we run out then I either have to go to cloth or I have to buy one of those ginormous one-ply industrial rolls for $45 from Staples online (if they still have any). I’m leaning cloth…

    • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

      I can’t believe that while I am obviously PRESENT for all the lunch eating, that never occurred to me as the reason we’re going through food more quickly than usual. It did make sense that it was why we were going through dishes. There’s only so much my brain can process these days. :)

  7. Middle class revolution Says:

    We spent $200 on groceries (and alcohol) last week and still run low on fresh foods and cookies. $200 per week is way above average for us! I need to do a grocery pickup today.

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