How often do you flip your bed?

We try to flip it once a month, though sometimes we don’t and we flip it when it starts getting uncomfortable.

How often do you flip yours?

15 Responses to “How often do you flip your bed?”

  1. Michael N Nitabach Says:

    We got a new mattress that came w instructions: flip in a defined top-bottom & left-right sequence once per month for six months & then once every six months going forward. We took abt nine months to complete the initial six-month sequence, and now will flip every six months.

  2. Anonymath Says:

    We’ve got a pillow top mattress, so we can’t flip top to bottom, but we rotate the mattress head to toe every three months.

  3. Miser Mom Says:

    I once heard the mantra “spin in spring; flip in fall” to help with even wear.

  4. Leah Says:

    Ours is super heavy and memory foam pillowtop. We should probably rotate it one of these days . . .

  5. Ana Says:

    We were told we didn’t have to flip (super heavy & tall) mattress when we bought it over 10 years ago so….never? I don’t know if it was true or now but its been 14 years now and is still doing well so I guess I don’t care either way.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, if your collective backs aren’t hurting, then why do extra work?

      Back when I was a kid I had an ancient queen size mattress and box springs and whenever it got too soft I’d just sleep on the other side, giving the first side a chance to decompress.

      Come to think of it, we have never flipped the kids’ beds. DC1 is so big now maybe we ought to.

  6. omdg Says:

    I used to flip my mattress every six months, but… somehow we never did it when we bought our last new mattress over ten years ago and it has been ok. I think it has some top layer that can’t be on the bottom, so we would really just have to turn it. Whoops.

  7. CG Says:

    Probably once a year…and we can’t remember if we are supposed to flip or just rotate. We do flip sometimes and it hasn’t seemed to cause us problems. We have an IKEA natural latex mattress that’s 10 years old and still going strong. I’ll never go back to springs! Never!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’m a fan of the natural latex… though some of the foam mattresses give me hot flashes, which is super uncomfortable. We got a mattress pad for the top that’s supposed to be cooling and that helped.

  8. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Ours is memory foam and it’s a bit weird to me to see a bit of a permanent dent in the mattress where I tend to lay but I’m not at all motivated to do anything about flipping it because it’s so heavy. I don’t recall if we were supposed to, TBH.

  9. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Errrrrr, very rarely…

  10. Donna Freedman Says:

    We flip it on summer and winter solstice and rotate it on spring and fall equinox.

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