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This thread from the daughter of an ICU doctor

Suggestions for making over a rental kitchen

We’re not the only ones spending a huge amount of time thinking about food management.  Everyone must be these days, and it must be horrible for people who can’t just throw money at problems.  I still want to complain about the #firstworldproblems stress though… different people have been doing instacart (which partners with our preferred grocery) from before, and last weekend this white dude with a very nice car not only didn’t use the system properly at ALL (not telling us about substitutions or refunds), but he also gave us NUTRITIONAL YEAST (which gives me headaches and is both expensive and useless) instead of actual yeast, gave us way more loose items than we asked for (apples/avocados/etc), gave us more expensive versions of so many different things (I’m guessing he thought he was getting tipped on %… initially I’d thought oh, this is all that’s in stock, but …), AND he charged us $17 for a couple of things I’m now fairly certain he bought for himself since they were things not available from the website (initially I’d thought he’d charged us for someone else’s order, but in the 3 days it took to get the powers that be to pay attention to our complaint, I realized there weren’t pictures for those items because you cannot order them online, like a lemon meringue pie slice, for example).  So… this week we’re doing curbside from the other grocery store that I don’t like as much.  The instacart stuff was great initially, but we’ve been getting more terrible dudes with fancy cars and fewer people who know/care what they’re doing.

This is a neat idea— I’d like to see lots of people’s houses!

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  1. SnowCardinal Says:

    In my town, unemployed people and college students who are done for the semester are advertising on Facebook as personal grocery delivery services for $20/hr (HCOL area). Because they want repeat business, they are really good at following specific lists and texting to get approval before any substitutions are made (which is great for my allergy-filled household). I tried Instacart for BJ’s once–I don’t know if I will ever try it again because of all the substitution-related issues. Plus, it ended up being approximately the same $$$ (charge + tip) as for the college student.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I wish we could keep/request the great people we had at the beginning of this experience, or at request not to get the terrible people. Maybe we should try an actual personal shopper. $20/hr is less than what we’d been tipping.

  2. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Ugh what a crappy experience / shopper! You could try Dumpling – I installed the app to check it out and you do pick your shopper and see what stores they will cover, so that might be more what you’re hoping for.

  3. Turia Says:

    Thanks for the link love! Yes, I think all the time how difficult this must be for anyone who isn’t as financially secure. It’s so stressful and so expensive for us, and we’re at the height of privilege.

  4. Leigh Says:

    Ugh, I’m sorry the shoppers you’ve been getting suck! We’ve been throwing money at the problem too – only shopping at the more expensive local grocery store instead of the cheaper one so that we’re not as worried about them running out of stock and avoiding Costco (because of the crazy lines). My husband has been going by himself. Groceries have become really expensive lately with no more work provided food. I think we’ve finally mostly got a handle on the meal planning though and we’ve actually been eating all of our leftovers! (We were…never very good at doing that before.)

  5. rose Says:

    Thank you so much for Sweet&.
    The grocery shopping thing is clearly so different in different geography. I think it is permanently different and highly difficult. And the real food crisis and pandemic wave is still coming. Scary.

  6. Debbie M Says:

    “Governor Pete Ricketts said Wednesday that the state won’t be releasing specific numbers of cases at meatpacking plants, saying it’s a matter of privacy.” No, disallowing the release of specific names would be a matter of privacy. Disallowing numbers, well, I’m sure a lot of criminals would like to have privacy.

    The review of the fake Lockdown game was amusing, but also hit home. Nicely done. (At first I thought the three starting conditions were going to be 1) essential worker, 2) working from home, and 3) laid off, but his make sense, too.)

  7. Matthew D Healy Says:

    We’re fortunate that our local Co-Op has an EXCELLENT curbside pickup service. It’s done by their own staff so they know what they have and make excellent substitutions as needed. So far we’ve always been able to schedule a next day slot at our preferred time when placing an order the day before.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s pretty amazing.

      • Matthew D Healy Says:

        I’m not sure which service my brother and his wife in Chicago use, but whichever it is, one of them has to be ready to reply in real time while the shopper is in the store, because the shopper sends pictures of stuff on shelves “they don’t have X, so which of these is your preferred substitution?”

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        We’re supposed to get pictures but we don’t. They think they’re sending them (the good ones who use the system correctly, not the jerk that charged us $17 for his own stuff).

  8. Steph Says:

    Late addition – I was recommended the Dumpling app, and my one trial of it went well. You work directly with a personal shopper, who charges their own delivery fee plus you’re required to tip 20% at minimum. You can’t see store inventory directly, it has a bunch of generic shopping items and you can give your own specifics. Might be worth checking out, since a lot of Instacart shoppers have apparently been seeking other options where their tips/pay might be more stable.

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