Link love

The fact that this isn’t even closet to the top news story is … I can’t even.

This is a cool home library.  (Also flip forward a few days to her basement post.  Did you know that you could buy bookcase hidden doors?  They sell them at home depot(!) (not an affiliate link).  I almost impulse bought one but then remembered that our house is an open floor plan and gets really hot in the summer when any door is closed.  So…)

8 Responses to “Link love”

  1. middle_class Says:

    Wow I love the bookcase hidden door!

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    h/t to this video I stole of xykademiqz’s links this week:

  3. Debbie M Says:

    I love that library (especially when I pretend it was painted hunter green).

    On the other hand I am horrified that it is legal to cancel and election. Because really it’s legal for an appointee to outstay the end of the original person’s term.

  4. omdg Says:

    Thank you for posting the link to the library and music rooms! And also the other political links though they depressed me so much I melted into a puddle of tears and desperation, only to recently re-emerge to thank you for posting them.

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