Refund Bullets Or Credits

  • Our American Airlines flights have been refunded
  • DC1’s camp has been refunded
  • Our AirBNBs have been refunded
  • Our contribution to DH’s family’s summer trip has been sent back.
  • Our United flights have been credited for future travel
  • DC1’s SWA flight situation has been odd… Originally we had booked a r/t ticket just for DC1 (age 13) because SWA is the only airline that allows 13 year olds to fly solo.  But then the flight back got split into two flights with a connection, which meant DC1 couldn’t do it anymore.  So SWA cancelled that ticket and refunded half the money and turned the other half into a waiver with which it purchased a second one-way ticket for DC1.  This second one-way ticket was later and really close to the edge of the window for which the camp was willing to do pick-ups.  Then after Covid, they moved the flight so it was outside the window.  (Then the camp cancelled before we could get around to trying to cancel the SWA ticket.)  But… when we called up to cancel, which we should have been able to do because it was such a large schedule change between our initial ticket and the latest version of the ticket, we were told that the person on the phone literally could only give credit because the ticket itself had been purchased with a waiver, even though from our perspective it was the same flight, from the system’s perspective refunds were not allowed for waivers.  So the very apologetic person on the phone gave us information for how to escalate which apparently can only be done via snail mail.  So DH typed up a letter explaining the situation and it is sitting in our mailbox waiting to be picked up.  I told him that if he did that, he could move half the cost of the ticket to his own allowance.  Normally getting airline credit wouldn’t be a big deal because we would use it eventually, but the only airports that use SWA are an hour farther away than our closest big airport (and more than two hours away from our regional airport).  Since we can’t transfer the waiver to someone else, the ticket is pretty much useless unless very unlikely circumstances have DC1 take SWA for some other reason.  (Maybe camp the summer after this?)  Update:  They called us and credited it because of the time changes from our original purchase.
  • Our grocery store has not yet credited the $17+ that some terrible instacart shopper stole from us.  DH called after 10 days and was told that it’s actually 10 BUSINESS days, not just 10 days and they were still working on it.  They also said they were going to give us $40 in store credit (update: they have), which makes me feel warmer and fuzzier, and not just because I really miss their frozen beet pizza and large selection of organics and fancy cheeses.  (As DH pointed out, there are reasons we usually shop at this grocery store and not the other one in town.)  I wonder who does the personal shopping for their curbside…
  • DH has taken some of the travel refund money and bought himself a fancy new desktop with it (using family funds).  The idea is that I will eventually take his fancy old desktop but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  • I have not yet gotten the refund for our DDA account over-purchase.  It sounds like some summer camps will be open starting in July, but we probably won’t be sending DC2 to them.  I am going to assume they will process this after I get the last paycheck for the year.
  • I finally put in the paperwork for a number of work reimbursements but haven’t gotten them yet.

Have you been getting Covid-related refunds (or credits)?

14 Responses to “Refund Bullets Or Credits”

  1. Steph Says:

    Thank you for reminding me to request airline reimbursements! I’d initially though “ehh, I’ll just use the credits later,” but that was when I thought I’d still be going to a wedding in the fall and flying for holidays. Hopefully they’ll still process it with no fee.

  2. Leigh Says:

    I was surprised how easy it was to get an Airbnb refund and the flight my husband had coming up soon was easy to refund too because the border closure had caused a more than 2 hour schedule change. Otherwise, we had no travel booked this year.

  3. teresa Says:

    We had one trip that was supposed to be the last ~10 days of March.
    Air New Zealand gave us credits- totally fine, we’ll use them (although I keep forgetting to check if they included the cost of the skycouch upgrade thing in the credit or just the fare)
    OBB is supposedly refunding our train tickets
    One hotel gave us a refund immediately
    The other hotel said they were not doing refunds but we could use the pre-paid nights any time in the next year (without paying extra even if we ended up going during a more expensive time period), which was also fine. But just recently we got an email from whichever site we used to book saying the booking company was refunding the reservation, so even better.

  4. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I bought 13 pairs of insoles because of all the medical/dental stuff that got canceled! Also a year of allergy meds. The spouse got a.flight refund for a conference and I got a camp refund but they messed it up and owe me $160.

  5. Socal Dendrite Says:

    My son’s summer camp messed up and sent us a check for $1500 (the full amount) rather than the $400 deposit we were owed (I hope it goes without saying that we didn’t cash it!). Not sure if we will get our AA flights refunded for a planned trip this summer. So far they are only saying that we can have credit (that will expire in January 2021 – one year from the date of booking). I am really hoping they cancel the flight so we can get a proper refund as its unlikely we’ll want to fly the whole family anywhere before Jan 2021…

  6. Debbie M Says:

    I got a 15% credit from my car insurance company. (Because social distancing and closed businesses and unemployment means less driving and thus fewer accidents, so they’re passing on some of the savings.)

    From early April to the end of September, my water and wastewater rates are reduced 10% and the Regulatory Charged is also reduced. I think this is just to be nice.

  7. First Gen American Says:

    I still have to call my benefits person. Covid counts as a life event so are were able to change our childcare contributions Mid year, but I couldn’t put 0, the minimum was $375, and we only use that benefit for summer camps these days which we likely will not do at all. I don’t get why 0 is not an option.

    The united flight I Booked, I spent extra on travel insurance and Initially they didn’t cover “fear of catching Covid” as a valid cancellation category. They eventually changed the policy to allow Covid as a category for cancellation but we still needed to file proof and paperwork of why we couldn’t go on the trip…one of the travelers was 76 with COPD (But date of birth wasn’t proof enough apparently) and It was a wedding that got cancelled but really? They deliberately were making it very hard to make the claim, so I just opted for the Airline credit instead as I’ve been slammed at work and it wasn’t something I had the time to fight properly. It soured me on travel insurance and will probably never get it again. If there ever was a time to need insurance was now and it was a total waste of money. I will use the credit but I don’t think my MIL will fly again til there is a vaccine or Covid is completely fizzled out. Bastards.

    We also didn’t get reimbursed for the one month gym membership we got for our son for his sports team indoor practice that was cancelled. (We didn’t ask fo it back though as I am sure they are hurting for cash).

    A couple of health professionals double billed me for stuff Recently as well. One I paid as it was a grey area. PT they said my portion was $75 at the time which I paid, then got another bill for $51 for what the insurance didn’t cover…I just paid it but will not be going back. My other PT place doesn’t take insurance but charges a flat fee of $75, so I felt a bit swindled there. The other one I fought and I got reimbursed (I got charged for 2 office visits for one 15 minute appt)…it’s a newer person for me as well and definitely felt like he was trying to make multiple appointments for every little thing to maximize billing so it’s back to my hour+ drive to my original person who is great but far. So much for trying to simplify things.

    If nothing else, This whole experience opened my eyes to who I’ll do business with in the future.

    On the camp front, I am working with the local museum a chemistry virtual camp. It’s actually going to be cool I think. They are going to send home care packages with all the stuff you need to do Experiments which will be fun. The downside is that it still needs some parental supervision which makes trying to get real job work done with kids at home super hard. Need some time to hash the summer plans out.

  8. Leah Says:

    Our zoo cancelled summer camps. But they’re hurt, so I donated the money back. Debating on if I should risk signing up for local nature center camp. We are not hurting for money. But . . .

    Our school is having some difficulties for complicated reasons. Therefore, I have been voluntarily downsized. I’ll be staying home next year. It’s the right choice with #3 on the way, but we will have to be much more careful about our spending.

  9. FF Says:

    The local summer performing arts center just cancelled their summer classical season last week, even though it’s been pretty obvious for a while that our state guidelines wouldn’t allow it to open. They’ve requested that patrons convert their tickets to donations, if possible, but I could use the money so I’ll be requesting a refund for the pass I bought back in December. No word yet on my PPP (late April) or EIDL (early April) applications.

  10. Susan Says:

    My biggest expense this summer should have been a trip Down Under. I’m one of those people who waits until the last minute (or month at least) to buy tickets, and for once I’m glad of that now.

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