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This is a little late because a lot of bad stuff has happened this week (I almost miss the days of focusing on just the pandemic… btw, we’ve passed the 100K mark in deaths :( ) and I wanted to have links to things we can do, though I’m still at a loss for some of them.  Americans– we need to get on our phones and write letters and get back to activism, even though it’s hard.  If you have the spoons, we need whatever help you can provide.  (This is partly a pep-talk for me.  But anybody who can help with time or money or both, We Need You.)


Violence against black Americans is back in the news again.  (I don’t want to say it’s happening again because I’m fairly sure it has *been* happening, it’s just that our news cycle has decided to notice again.)  Earlier this week, a woman named Amy Cooper from NYC called the police on a birdwatcher who had asked her to comply with the leashing dog policy.  She lied and said he was threatening her.    Then we found out more about George Floyd’s death when a police officer crushed his windpipe for ~9 minutes, even after he had passed out after pleading for his life.  While the officers were fired, none were charged with murder until after protests erupted across the country (so far only the one who did the actual kneeling in the video was arrested).  Protests in Minneapolis  were peaceful until the police came out and attacked protesters with tear gas and other riot gear.  (Contrast that to the non-reaction armed white dudes were getting in Michigan for taking over the State capitol.)  A black Latino CNN reporter was arrested even though he complied with all rules (as seen on film) while his white colleague was ignored.

Trump then tweeted that the protesters should be shot.  Here’s a script for calling your members of congress (MOC) about that from Celeste P.  Earlier that week, Twitter had put a link in one of Trump’s false tweets about voting for more information and Trump had retaliated with an executive order attacking twitter.


Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help get protesters (the kind that actually get arrested because they’re protesting injustice, not the white dudes with guns and no masks) get bailed out.  (Also may help other people get bail money.)  Donate to the North Star Health Collective Fund which is providing street medics during the protests.

White people:  Have a plan for what you are going to do if you see a minority person being harassed by the police.   You could save a life.

Trump to cut ties with World Health Organization.  In the middle of a pandemic.  That he’s badly bungled.  Because he’s the banal kind of evil.  The legality of him doing that is unclear.  Celeste P says to call your MOC (that’s senators and house) and remind them that we are in a pandemic and we need global cooperation.

This nurse is tired.  This pharmacist also.  Trump is evil and the people who harass the people who are trying to save our lives the same.

People are dying from covid in meat packing plants because Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to keep them open.  Meat prices in supermarkets are high, but my colleague who has a ranch in another state says that cattle prices are lower than he’s ever seen.  Now would be a good time to go a little more vegetarian than usual if you’re a meat eater.


Why We Plan (or Not)

OMDG needs children’s book recommendations!


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  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    If you’re looking for more places to donate: Act Blue has a one stop donation that splits your money across several different groups to support orgs fighting against racism and police brutality:

  3. middle_class Says:

    Minnesota Freedom Fund already received $20 million total in donations! Glad people are supporting groups that so such important work. I hope they expand ro other cities until the bail bond system is eliminated.

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