• Meowth is officially my favorite Pokemon.
  • The kids are teaching themselves contact juggling.
  • Got DC2 some face masks from Old Navy online, made out of scrap fabric.  They’re very nice quality.  Initially they looked huge, but after being washed on hot, they are perfect for my not-petite 7 year old’s face.  We ended up with 3 white and 2 blue checked, so not quite the variety they promised, but I figure we will need at least 7 and these are way less expensive than the fancy ones I’ve been buying on Etsy (which, admittedly were University/Ravenclaw/Batman fabrics).
  • DC1’s piano and violin have both improved tremendously since starting stay-at-home.
  • DC2’s piano has not really seen much improvement.  Possibly because DC2 is not actually interested in doing what the piano teacher suggests and eventually the teacher just gives up and goes along with DC2 who mostly wants to play right-handed while singing and ignoring silly things like flats and sharps.
  • DH has been continuing with Yoga with Adriene, but the plank and downward dog and similar things do bad things for my right shoulder-blade area and I’m ready to move to something else.  Currently it’s just been walking around the house and backyard while watching a youtube video, but I may find something more interesting. It’s hard not stopping in the kitchen when I watch one of the Try Guys Eat the Menu videos.
  • One of my friends is on a WeChat thing where they get a bunch of people in our area together to do a grocery store delivery from The City (apparently if 50 families order, they do the personal shopping and deliver to our town).  She dropped off a bunch of sweet soy curd wrappers and seaweed salad and fake crab (to our front porch, where she picked up a bag of children’s books DC2 had outgrown).  Then we took leftover rice and leftover red bean paste that we already had and had a make-your-own soybean wrapper sushi thing for lunch the next day.  Everyone was super happy.
  • Dh got me briefly hooked on the reddit main page.  So I tried to remove its cookies from my iphone, but it still popped up as a suggestion.  So I deleted ALL of my cookies.  And boy howdy has my productivity temporarily shot up.  I’m sure I will eventually regress, but this is a nice way to start summer, only being able to check work stuff and my comics strips on my phone in the morning.
  • The kids’ school basically got out a week early.  DC1’s because final exams were cancelled.  We’re not sure why the elementary school decided to stop a week early, but they did.
  • Two of DC2’s friends got outdoor above-ground pools.  One of them said they thought the government should provide them for everyone because of the virus, and I gotta say, that’s not a terrible idea.  (Not so helpful to people in apartments, but…)  So long as they take them back when our HOA pool is open and safe again.
  • One of DC2’s friends is going to Florida this summer.  One of them is going to be doing the school’s summer camp if they open, but we don’t know if they will or not.  Two of the fancy expensive summer day camps plan to open in July, but DC2 has kind of outgrown them so we hadn’t been planning on doing them anyway, and … it just doesn’t seem safe.  I figure the longer we wait to get the disease, the more they’ll know about how to treat it.  The problem is that we’re almost certainly going to get it in September when the students come back no matter what and our local hospitals will be slammed which itself will be dangerous.
  • After DH got his second paycheck of the year our check register said we had more money than we had ever had in checking (other than right before buying a car when we’ve transferred money over) and I was like, WOW, we really haven’t been spending anything since we can’t leave the house, I should totally buy more stuff online.  Then I realized that I usually pay the credit card bills before he gets his second paycheck, not after.  So… it’s easy to have increasing amounts of money in checking if you keep your steady income the same and then just don’t pay your bills.
  • I’ve hit loneliness.  I want to talk to someone about nothing important.  (DH has already heard everything.)  If I were at work I’d be talking the ear off of someone in the office.  If I were at a store I’d probably strike up a conversation about the merchandise.  I have work zoom calls and texts, but they’re not the same because they’re efficient and business-focused.
  • The imaging place where I did my mammogram was definitely not social distancing.  There were far too many people in the waiting room to allow for 6 ft distance.  And neither of the receptionists was wearing her mask correctly– one had it dangling from an ear while the other wasn’t covering her nose.  Hopefully I will be ok.

19 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I finally figured out when the next BLM protest is going to be (the local dems didn’t email, the student dems didn’t text, I haven’t gotten a socialist newsletter in over a year, and our local indivisible and action network groups disbanded when people moved away, so I found out about the earlier protests after the fact via local news). I plan to find it (there’s 4 places where protests happen all on the same Main Street) and bring my voter registration paraphernalia (and my single box of disposable face masks if people want them). It’s always crazy to me how some students go to protests but haven’t thought through how they’ll vote in the next election.

    I have a massive clinically diagnosed fear of crowds, so big protests are really hard for me. But I’ve found that focusing on doing something (helping people register to vote) helps a lot.

    I’m also worried about covid, but I think this is more important. Still, I’m bringing facemasks (I wish my order from old navy had shipped) and glittery hand sanitizer (since I have mainly been getting it from bath and body works) so people can sanitize after registering to vote. And I’ll strip and shower when I get home which has been our practice after going out.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      AHA! Found the location. … I looked at one of the old socialist emails to get a link to their facebook page, and then their facebook page linked to the local black lives matter facebook page. This shouldn’t be so hard.

      Doh, I didn’t get any signal updates because deleting my cookies erased my account. UGH. I have no idea how I signed up before and the local indivisible that started it is gone. SIGH.

  2. natalieinne Says:

    Sorry to hear about how poorly things were run at your imaging place. I went for a mammogram this week and saw precisely one person – the tech, who was properly wearing a mask. I called to register when I got to the parking lot. They called me into the waiting room (where there was no one but me) and they called me back even before I could get Pokemon to load on my phone. When I walked out, I didn’t even see staff in the registration part of the office. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Hope they keep up that kind of efficiency.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      What you describe is how it usually is at the place I usually go (the satellite imaging place in the rich people side of town) even when we don’t have a pandemic. But this year when I called the number on the letter to schedule, they scheduled me at their main place instead of the satellite and at the end when I was surprised they (in an irritated manner because she’d just spent all that time scheduling me) said they no longer scheduled for the satellite. Since the drive is the same for me, I was like no worries. But I kind of regret it now. I left a poor review when they sent a form explaining about how social distancing was impossible.

      • bogart Says:

        Yikes. We recently had a similar issue (not the other aspects, but the improper use of mask) when I took DS in to our dentist for a cleaning, which is super annoying because (a) our dentist is really usually good about evidence-based practice; and (b) it was the dentist herself not wearing her mask properly (over mouth, under nose). I really should have said something (small practice, we know her) and didn’t. Now wondering if we can/will ever go back (spoiler: we will). I need to address this with her and the hassle with that is that of course she’s phenomenally busy and it’s hard to connect with her personally (as opposed to office staff) but I don’t like to complain to her staff about her behavior. Sigh. Maybe I can frame this as a general complaint, i.e., when we came in in May, I saw that not everyone was wearing their masks appropriately. Aiyiyiyiyi.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I have to get a new crown (a small chip on a watched molar became a big hole this past weekend), so I’ll see how the dentist is handling everything next week. He’s generally very on top of research, so I’m hopeful.

        Oh geez, I hope I’m not putting his office at risk from going to the Sunday protest. I’d completely forgotten that I was seeing him next week and just assumed I’d be housebound as per usual.

        THIS IS SO HARD!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        DH reminded me the dentist will have PPE. (Nobody at the mammogram place did so I forgot about it.)

  3. Susan Says:

    Regarding stay at home fitness – I have weak knees, and wrists and a very tender hip. I have found Chair based Yoga (Adrienne has two work outs, You tube has ten million) to be a better fit. A little stretching, a lot of breathing and I come away relaxed. I do these in the morning before my walk and indoor stationary bike ride.

  4. Natka Says:

    I really worry that there is going to be a rampant spread of Covid-19 because of large gatherings of people (protesters, police, and bystanders), leading to more deaths, more lock-downs, more anger, more people being out of work, economic collapse… And when economy goes to ****, there is ALWAYS a spike in hatred and violence ( we are already seeing some, but it can get so, so much worse), leading to all sorts of horrors.

    • omdg Says:

      I worry about this too — a lot. I guess we will know in 2-3 weeks? Wouldn’t it be amazing if that *didn’t* happen? A girl can hope, right? I had to get off social media for a period of time because some people were talking about stocking up on guns and eating their neighbors. I already read The Road, and continue to vividly imagine that scenario without *actual people* making plans to do just that.

  5. rose Says:

    June 2020 Burnside Bridge Portland protest…….https://twitter.com/DanMcKATU/status/1268004907119816704

  6. Michael Nitabach Says:

    If you learn to play accordion & DH the washboard, yr family can form a fucken zydeco band!!! That wld be awesome!!!

  7. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    It really does pad your account when you receive income but don’t pay bills! I have to map out my expected checking account balances for 2-6 months because I am easily fooled into thinking we’re having a very robust income month. We are! Until I pay the bills. Whoops.

    Are you feeling lonely for in-person type (phone / video call) chatter or just non-business chatter via any means (text / email / etc)?

    How did Meowth take top slot? I’m loving Bulbosaur right now. No other reason than it’s cute.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Meowth is good people and super smart. He’s helpful and loyal and is an equal member of team rocket. He’s not a pet. And he knows so many different languages.

      I think in person chatter, not electronically facilitated. It will have to wait. We got an email from parks and rec saying they’ve increased the number of sports tournaments my town is hosting this summer, so it likely won’t be safe to venture out. Though I guess I will get more than my fill of in person interaction at the protest on Sunday.

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