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Damn it home depot .  I guess we have to switch to Lowes now.  Which is fine, there’s really no reason we’d been doing Home Depot other than it was on DH’s way to work back when he worked at the university and Lowes wasn’t. [update:  see comments below]

This thread is the definition of LOLsob. (Read the replies! Hilarious but also sad because true)

How much publishing has paid different authors.  Note that some black authors (including NK Jemison) have pointed out that if their work doesn’t earn its advance, their career is basically dead, whereas white authors can take bigger risks with bigger advances that may not earn out.  Equality happens when publishers make “mistakes” in the direction of too-large advances for everybody and it hurts everyone’s careers equally.

Why protest during a lock-down?  (Spoiler:  Because it’s important enough to take the risk.  Because being asleep in one’s own bed or playing video games on one’s own couch is *already risky* for some of our citizens.)  Also I would note that the BLM protests I’ve been to and seen have been outdoors and heavily masked.  The biggest Covid dangers have been coming from the police– not wearing masks, tear-gassing people, tearing off masks, putting people in busses, and arresting and not letting people leave (forcing them indoors into crowded spaces).

What miser-mom has been doing to support BLM.

Cake therapy (Disclaimer: may not work for everyone)

This thread on sex being a cultural construct is a great read. It also got me thinking because in my little corner of social science (not the econ part), we make distinctions about sex vs. gender. Gender is always the self-identified thing. Gender is what you think you are. Sex we tend to use as what’s on your birth certificate or what your chromosomes say or what your external sex characteristics are, depending on what outcomes we are looking at (and realizing that chromosomes and external characteristics don’t always match and some people are not simple XX/XY or penis/vagina biologically). (Sex tends to matter when we’re talking about biological health kinds of issues, but otherwise we’re discussing gender.) But the author of the thread is absolutely correct that even these designations of sex are, by definition, a social construct because we are providing those definitions.

More on jkrowling being a terf.  Like dude, what is her problem??


7 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. FF Says:

    The article you linked to on Home Depot said that Marcus retired from Home Depot in 2002. He’s not listed as being in their leadership or board of directors. I’m sure that he owns a lot of their stock, but it’s not clear to me what the company could do about him since he seems to no longer be affiliated with them. If the company itself was supporting Trump, it would make sense to boycott them, but it’s not clear to me from that article that this is the case.

    I did some further research and found this article from Snopes: It says that both Home Depot and Lowe’s PACs have contributed to both political parties , and that both have given more to Republicans in 2020 (HD gives 56% to Republicans and 44% to Democrats; Lowe’s gives 70% to Republicans and 30% to Democrats). Also, they say that the other Home Depot founder, Arthur Blank, donates primarily to Democrats, and when you look at the data they link to on Open Secrets, he hasn’t given to Republicans since 2008.

    I rarely shop at Home Depot and I’ve never been in a Lowe’s at all, but it’s not clear to me from this that Lowe’s would be the better choice.

    • Leah Says:

      Came here to say the same. I follow several design bloggers on instagram, and apparently HD has done a much better job paying diverse voices to serve as influencers (not just white people).

      Basically, their bottom line was that HD is a slightly better big box if you have to shop big box and have the option between Lowe’s and HD. Many don’t have an option. And if you can shop at a local hardware store, like Ace Hardware, that’s a better option.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Not bothering to fish the pro-bathroom-bill TERF “Peter” out of spam where they rightfully landed.

    “Peter,” you should read to help you understand why Rawlings’ defense of herself is filth and for why your arguments are illogical and harmful.

    And don’t come back until you’ve gained some empathy and decided to first do no harm. Jerk.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I am so sick and tired of JK Rowling and her hatefulness. As if trans people aren’t already harmed enough. I did appreciate what Daniel Radcliffe had to say about her views and how it affects people who loved the worlds she built, over at the Trevor Project. And I appreciate that he said it from a place of experience with supporting trans people more than just in the present. Which reminds me I meant to add them and Lambda Legal to this month’s donations, they’re going to need support fighting this hateful healthcare legislation.

    I miss cake therapy. I used to bake myself an entire quarter sheet cake on Fridays and eat it all weekend. That was in junior high. I wonder why my parents didn’t take issue with that, in hindsight.

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