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Late because I went to a BLM protest last night (registered 4 voters– not as much as the 25 at the last protest, but this one was a smaller one on campus). I now have a sore throat most likely from chanting and slept in late, likely because I got too much heat again (90 degrees with a zillion percent humidity and a lot of marching and chanting). I spent this morning reading up on early covid symptoms and decided not to worry until 48 hours have passed. I have informed DH he needs to have a go-bag ready to go in case I need to take over the master bathroom suite for quarantine. (I am worried about the a/c recirculating and have been trying out various masks for comfort levels). I hope I’m just being overly paranoid. Everyone at the protest was wearing masks.  It was entirely outside and would occasionally sprinkle.  At the end of the march there were counter-protestors (out of shape more than I am!) but by that point I wanted to pass out and sat on a bench far away from their unmasked selves. I hope they don’t get those kids sick.

cw: kidnapping, pedophilia, bribes, arson etc.  Milwaukee police.  I hope some national journalists look into this, because if true, then that department needs to be completely burned to the ground and started over entirely from scratch (much smaller) with outside people.  (In normal times, I would be like, the DOJ needs to tear them apart, but…)

Andrew Jackson was THE WORST.  The absolute WORST.

Listen to this planet money podcast or read the transcript about how violence in 1921 affected innovation.

This mcsweeny’s article seems depressingly true.  My uni is taking some steps, but not enough.  The students who talked yesterday at the protest were so amazing and so compelling and it is really hard to cry with a mask on when you’re sweating and not supposed to touch your eyes.  We need to do right by them.

Look at the tweet below:  NC is making face mask wearing ILLEGAL.  WHAT WORLD ARE THEY LIVING IN.  VOTE THEM OUT.  Force them to let people vote.  Is there any GOP that cares LESS about business interests than “bathroom bill” North Carolina’s?  I think not.

Natural scientist has suggestions for how to help

This detailed propublica article is a great summary of what we need to get the coronavirus vaccine.

One woman’s family’s experiences with the coronavirus, and a reminder that not every case is average and that tests aren’t always accurate.

OMDG describes various reactions to the upcoming ban on au pairs… some of them are less than empathetic.

A discussion of the lack of evidence-based reading training among many elementary school teachers.

10 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. K Says:

    Jesus, WOW, everyone should read the scary mommy piece…

  2. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Mcsweeneys is bitterly accurate of late.

  3. omdg Says:

    North Carolina WTF.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I KNOW.

      I first thought I’d misread, then I thought there must be a typo. Then I actually read the article. WTF indeed.

      The article is like, yeah, they’ll change it back but only with something awful attached to it that hurts people in other ways.

      • lessisenough Says:

        Okay I know this is kinda late for a follow up but I was out of town for a while.

        I actually live in North Carolina and hadn’t heard anything about this and was like wait what? How did I miss this? So I looked it up and the issue is that there is an anti-mask law on the books, which was passed “decades ago” (not sure when) to combat secret societies and KKK groups etc that wore hoods and masks to disguise their identities.

        In the spring, this law was suspended through the end of July. The suspension needed to be extended, and legislators were going to extend it through February, but things got complicated — I think having to do with how the mask-wearing requirement was to be enforced, and possibly other (unrelated) issues — and it was very late, so they dropped it temporarily. Yesterday the anti-mask wearing law was suspended indefinitely.

        It is true that there are a bunch of crazy things in NC politics, but this wasn’t as crazy as it sounded. No one was actually trying to to pass a law saying people couldn’t wear masks, that law was already there and they were trying to figure out how to work around it. Which they did.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        The article linked got into that a bit (that it was already on the books as an anti-KKK thing), but it should have been a no-brainer to suspend it, but they were playing politics with it. Good to hear that they got it approved, though I wonder if they really did add bad riders to it like the article suggested they would.

  4. middle_class Says:

    It’s great that you went to a protest!

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