We bought exercise things!

Sadly, summer has begun in earnest and it’s regularly hitting triple digits outside.  That limits our exercise options.  DH has also been getting wrist problems along with my back problems doing online yoga, so he’s cut down substantially on that.  DC2 has been used to getting a ton of exercise at school and camp and it looks like camp won’t be happening so zie needs something to get the zoomies out now that we can’t just kick the kids out of the house at any hour.  If we sign a waiver we can use the HOA pool… but … masks don’t work in pools…

I did not think we would ever get an exercise bike, because we have real bikes and exercise bikes take space.  But DH’s SIL put one on her amazon wishlist that she’d done a lot of research on, and it seemed reasonable, so we bought one for ourselves too (amazon affiliate link).  It was around ~325 all told and is light and smallish (not small, but smaller than my parents’ old exercise bike).  We like it fine.  DC2 especially likes it.  I’ve been breaking up my walking around while I watch youtube videos with exercise biking while watching youtube videos.

Speaking of walking around, I was doing it so much that our carpet stopped being as protective as it had been and my feet started hurting so I got some house slippers with arch support from zappos (amazon affiliate link).  They’re kind of hot for summer walking, but they do help when my feet start to hurt.

DH also got a boxing game for Nintendo Switch, though he’s a bit squicked out by the sexualization of the female characters in it (you can buy them skimpy clothing as rewards, for example).  He says it’s a work out.

AND, Ring Fit, which is the whole reason DH bought a Switch to begin with before the Pandemic, finally became available locally (~$80, as opposed to the $250 resellers were selling it for).  DH put on a mask and high-tailed it to the Target the next town over (our Target was already sold out!) where they took one out of the back for him since they hadn’t had time to stock the shelves from that morning’s shipment yet.  Ring Fit comes with a ring that you push and pull on to provide arm exercises, and a thing for your leg to attach the other controller.  You run and push and pull etc. to move your avatar forward in a video game and collect coins and fight enemies.  It is definitely fun and it’s a workout for all of us (set at different levels– mine is set one lower than the kids who are set one lower than DH :/ ), though it is very good at reminding me how terrible my coordination is compared to normal people (just like DDR used to back in the day).

One of my friends bought a stroller for her cat(!)

Have you discovered any new exercise things since summer started?

18 Responses to “We bought exercise things!”

  1. Foscavista Says:

    This is completely unrelated, but, once upon a time, you had Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half as a favorite website. If you don’t already know, she has a new book (“Solutions and Other Problems”) coming out in September.

  2. xykademiqz Says:

    Ooh, this is cool! I’ve been doing an hour of walking/running daily, but it’s gotten quite miserable outside (darn Midwestern humidity). I also got a rowing machine (need to set up); we have a treadmill and an old exercise bike (from grad school, dear gawd), a cheap stepper, plus a not-so-cheap kickboxing bag as well as high-quality resistance bands. Which means I probably shouldn’t buy the cute Deskcise you linked to… But it’s so cute!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s a lot! Do you have a home gym? I bet a cute little deskercycle would work well in one… #enabler

      • xykademiqz Says:

        #enabler Bwahahaha!

        We kinda have a home gym? There’s a room on the ground floor that isn’t a full bedroom, so the treadmill and bike are there, along with some supplies. I kinda hate it, tbh. The other pieces are scattered around the house; it is just as chaotic as it sounds. You can (theoretically) see my kickboxing bag when I videoconference; I like to think it instills fear lol!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        So maybe another room needs the deskcycle because it’s feeling left out?

      • FF Says:

        Not new, but since you’re talking exercise bike desks, I’ve had one for 3 years–the Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000. Since I’m a sole proprietor and work from home, I was able to deduct it as a business expense. I’ve found recently that it’s the best place for Zoom meetings–my laptop is at a good distance and angle, and if the meeting is boring, at least I can pedal through it and get exercise. I don’t really try to use it for cardio when working, but more on the theory that it’s better to pedal than to just sit still. My real exercise on it is with streaming video. Also, the Exerpeutic has cupholders and a small drawer, both of which I find useful. I did get a third-party seat cushion cover to make it more comfortable for long sessions.

  3. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I have only discovered that my older children will happily walk five miles every morning as long as they get an snack afterwards.

  4. Debbie M Says:

    Sort of? I got a job with elections, working in the ballot-by-mail section, and I learned that opening envelopes, paper-clipping things, time-stamping things, putting stickers on things, etc. for hours on end is more exercise than I normally get. Lots of weird little hand, arm, and shoulder muscles.

  5. undine Says:

    Nothing new–just walking, walking, walking, and sometimes a bit of running when the rain stops for long enough. But I bought Spouse a bicycle desk like the one you have & a set of stretchy bands.

  6. First Gen American Says:

    I bought a “new to me” expensive mountain bike but because it’s 5 years old, I paid more like A regular bike price for it. My friend who used to own a bike shop suggested a full suspension as my time in the saddle was limited by my back pain and I am so thrilled to say it worked and have been biking with No pain for 2 months. I haven’t biked this much since before I had children. It’s also been unseasonably dry and I have stopped traveling for work so it’s been a perfect mix of everything coming together for great quality of life.

    It’s hard not to feel guilty because we are all having such a great time right now and so many are facing unprecedented hardship and loss. I mean it’s still complicated trying to juggle everything but for the most part, my gripes are all 1st world problems and maybe a realization that I travel too much. (But a travel job has afforded me a home office which has been a lifesaver during these times because I’ve been able to work through the pandemic and take care of the kids for the most part, so I’d have to give up pros with the cons.

    Back to the topic There are a lot of very Inexpensive things you can buy that don’t take up much space (Like those elastic resistance bands). If you’re really inspired, you or your kids can create your own circuit workout with different stations. I have a bunch of laminated cards I used for teaching classes with different exercises on them but you can just Print 8.5×11 sheets of paper With large font that say push ups, squats, etc.

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