A Google Questions post (before we solicit more Ask the Grumpies next week– get your questions ready!)

Q: do u want to do phd in accounting

A:  No, not really.

Q:  is phd in education worth it than phd in accounting

A:  A PhD in accounting is worth more and harder to get.  A PhD in education is useful if you need to climb the education administration ladder (ex. being a superintendent).

Q:  y r we forced tp do things

A:  Because you don’t do them on your own!  Now pick up that wet towel off the floor!

Q:  what are the works can professor do in vacation

A:  Research, class prep… even service.

Q:  why is last mortgage payment of year higher

A:  That’s bizarre… could your escrow (insurance + tax) have gone up?

Q:  can 529 be used for graduate school nut child no longer dependant

A:  Yes.

Q:  im 18 how long will it take me to get a phd in business accounting

A:  Before or after you finish college with high grades?  Generally 4 years of college + any years of experience you want to do + 5 to 7 years of graduate school, give or take.  Good luck!

Q:  i need a nightjob to pay off debt help

A:  Sorry, that’s rough.  Craigslist?

Q:  does long unemployment hurt your job chances

A:  Yes, sorry again.  Keep trying.  I got nuthin’ here.

Q:  is it normal for a gifted child to sleep early

A:  If they’re sleepy or growing or getting a mental and/or physical workout.  It’s certainly not abnormal, even if gifted kids tend on average to need less sleep, that’s not always the case.

5 Responses to “A Google Questions post (before we solicit more Ask the Grumpies next week– get your questions ready!)”

  1. Michael Nitabach Says:

    I took Accounting for Lawyers in law school & it was one of my favorite classes!

  2. CG Says:

    I’m concerned about the academic skills of some of these prospective accounting Ph.D.’s. Does this perhaps explain Enron, Arthur Anderson, Lehman Brothers?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Possibly! Though I don’t know how common phds in accounting are for non-academics. I think they’re generally small programs and a lot of schools don’t have them. So I wouldn’t be surprised at high school and college kids googling their questions– how else are they going to find out?

  3. Foscavista Says:

    Just a friendly FYI, the school district where I live (for I am not familiar with other school districts), a teacher’s salary is considerably higher if they have a PhD. In the first year, a teacher with a PhD makes ~35% more than one with just a BA. At the salary cap (for people with a certain number of years or more), a PhD makes ~39% more than a BA with the same number of years of experience.

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