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Serious brain disorders found in people with mild covid symptoms.  If the timing were right, I would swear this is evidence that I had Covid last winter with that cold that never went away and me feeling like the after in Flowers for Algernon pretty much until April.

You can volunteer for a phase 3 vaccine trial if you live in the following cities (thread).  (Remember that in an RCT, you may be in the control and the treatment may not work, so don’t throw all caution to the wind.)

DH and I separately did a back of the envelope calculation and determined that 1.5% of the population of our county has tested positive for Covid.  That’s without the students back in town.  This is why we’re almost never leaving the house.  And yet, I’m signed up to teach in person next semester.

A third of the 54K FL children tested for Corona-virus have tested positive.

What’s the probability that you encounter someone without a mask in 5 random encounters?

hand sanitizer recall

5 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I felt like this week was particularly depressing and your links seem to bear that out too, like mine.

    I’ve felt very Flowers for Algernon end/low point on and off this year and am always grumpy I didn’t have the high point.

  2. becca Says:

    Man, Florida is in trouble with the rona. But the % positive for kids cited is not some kind of special cross section of the population; rather what we can infer from that high a percent positive rate is that people don’t test kids.
    There are two types of reasons for that:
    1) Parents are still bad at identifying Covid19 in kids. Earliest data I read suggested fevers were present in only about 40% of the kids who were nonetheless sick enough to be hospitalized. Some of my area school districts aren’t putting “diarrhea” on the list of possible Covid19 symptoms. I just don’t know how good parents are at spotting it in kids, even now.
    2) Parents don’t take their kids to get tested. Part of this may be due to lack of public awareness of saliva testing as reasonably valid. Some of it is due to too few good testing options (some of the turnaround times still suck; some healthcare systems will only send to certain labs and those labs get busy, ect.).

    I hate that Guardian article about brain side effects. It’s upsetting and not scientifically *wrong* enough to argue with, but not particularly useful. For one thing, many viruses cause these Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. The quote from Zandi, about how they’re seeing things they don’t see with other viruses, is kind of not reasonable.
    Infection of any sort is hard on the brain. I don’t see anything about this part of the Covid response that differs from malaria (which, admittedly, is a nasty disease).
    What *I* really want to know more about is Covid as a vascular disease and the accompanying stroke risk. This is the place I think Covid could be different than other viruses and also create a lot of disability if it sweeps through the whole population (that said, we know lots about strokes and fast recognition is one key).

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      What I took away from that Florida headline is that 18,000 cases is a lot of confirmed cases and that’s *just* kids who were tested.

      I’m pretty sure I didn’t get Malaria last winter either…

  3. rose Says:

    Thank you. Hope all your readers are supporting their local post offices by buying stamps….. And, of course, being registered to vote, verifying their registration remains valid, AND voting.
    Really really appreciate all your posts. SIP can be so isolating. THANK YOU.

  4. rose Says:

    Just saw 85 infants under 12 MONTHS of age tested positive in Texas county that contains Corpus Christi. (I do not know Texas county names but C C’s location did mean something to me.) (CNN news) We may be creating our own population of infected young children to learn about long term health implications of the virus in young children…. Ms DeVos’s willingness to sacrifice almost 15,000 of other people’s children to re-open schools …….. well.

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