How much does a root canal cost? How about a crown?

I am feeling very sorry for myself!

Last year one of my back molars cracked a little.  This summer, probably because Trump is making me grind my teeth in my sleep, a bigger chunk broke out.  So the Dentist got it ready for a crown ($1600).  But when it came time to put the permanent crown on it HURT when I bit down.

So I had to go see an endodontist ($300).  The endodontist took pictures and tapped my teeth and then put cold on my tooth and it hurt SO MUCH.  So very much.  And it didn’t stop hurting.  (On the other teeth that weren’t having problems it hurt a little and then stopped hurting as soon as he took the cold off.)  He said that it was irreversible damage because if it had been reversible, it would have fixed itself already given how long it took to get the appointment from when they put the temporary crown on.

So now I’m getting a root canal ($1300) before I can get my permanent crown back on.

28 Responses to “How much does a root canal cost? How about a crown?”

  1. rose Says:

    I am sorry. Your dental cost area is not as high as where I am. You are lucky in that.

  2. Susan Says:

    Has your dentist mentioned an occulsal guard? I’ve always been a tooth grinder/jaw clencher, and my very back teeth top and bottom are all crowns/crown after root canals from it. About 15 years ago we moved, and my new dentist took a look at the wear patterns on my teeth and all the money I had put into them, and suggested I sleep with a night guard. It wasn’t cheap, and it certainly isn’t sexy, but I haven’t had a broken tooth since. Took a bit to get used to, but now I can’t sleep without it.

  3. delagar Says:

    I had to get a root canal a few months ago. Cost about that, and I had to pay the entire thing up front. :(

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I would ask you how unpleasant it was, but I really don’t want to know!

      • Susan Says:

        Don’t let the rumors scare you – as I mentioned above, I’m a veteran of these, and I have to tell you they have gotten a lot better over the years. The last one I only needed regular advil and soft foods/chewing on the other side to recover. Back in the day, I’d come out with bruising and require narcotics. And the good thing about an endodontist is they specialize in this, so for them it’s an “easy” routine procedure. Also on all of the root canals I’ve had, the relief of not having that originating pain is really worth it.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        In the month+ it has taken me to get this appointment, my tooth has died (or at least, that’s what the endodontist said would happen) so it doesn’t actually hurt that much anymore. But several weeks ago I would have given a lot to have an earlier root canal.

  4. Xin Says:

    Oh wow, that sounds quite expensive for a root canal! In 2017, I had two root canals with an endodontist based in Manhattan for $1200 each, with a consultation fee of $250 or $350 (can’t recall which it was, there may also have been an extra x-ray fee of ~$125). I didn’t get a chance to do any comparison shopping back then, as it was a bit of an emergency. Apparently there are reasons not to put crowns on front teeth, so I’ve never yet needed to price that out.

    My general dentist here in Manhattan does root canals for ~$700 per tooth, though it ultimately cost me far less when I went through my dental insurance. But having done that, I’d actually rather go back and pay more to the endodontist. The different expertise level and less sophisticated tools used at my general dentist’s office make a significant and not favorable difference to the experience of getting the root canal…

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  6. FPF Says:

    I had one in 2013 (insurance price was $995, I actually paid $199) at my regular dentist. If I remember correctly, I’d had a crown put on and then started having heat sensitivity and referred ear pain several days later. I ended up having an emergency appointment on a weekend to do the root canal, thanks to my nice dentist who came in just for me. I can’t say that it was pleasant, but with the local anesthetic injections, I didn’t really don’t feel anything, so I wouldn’t be too apprehensive. And the pain/sensitivity stopped immediately afterward.

  7. FF Says:

    Dentists where you live don’t do emergencies? Or weekdays only?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      My root canal wasn’t considered an emergency. I’ve had this appointment over a month and the appointment to see if I needed a root canal two weeks before that. The other endodontist in town had an even longer wait because he had a Disney trip at the end of July…

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      (And I think I’m actually getting it done by the junior endodontist in the practice.)

  8. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    This happened to me once! I was also pregnant at the time. My tooth nerve had not died so overall the root canal was a relief. Except for the part where the endodontist told me inflammation directly causes infection (no) and I was so affronted I nearly bailed. That was also right after Dr. S’s parents stole his inheritance from his dead grandma which, as our gross yearly income was $42K/year, would have really helped with the $3000+ in dental bills.


  9. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  10. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    … and they couldn’t get the temporary crown back on at the endodontist and my dentist’s office is not available until the 12th.

  11. First Gen American Says:

    At least your dentist fixed the correct tooth. Last time I got a root canal, my dentist fixed the incorrect tooth. It was the one next to it that was the issue but sometimes pain radiates to adjacent teeth. I am still bitter about that because I had to get a second one after the first one didn’t fix the pain. These are the issues of being in a small town with limited options.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Oh no! That is definitely worse. The endodontist checked multiple times to make sure it was the correct tooth (and the first appointment he tested the two closest teeth as well with his evil super cold wand).

  12. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Update: WHEW: Dentist fit me in this morning and I now have a permanent crown. Hallelujah!

  13. SP Says:

    T had a similar thing happen. Root canal in December, then a crown early this year. The cost seems similar (probably more), although insurance covered some and we were able to use our FSA to pay ourselves back. I think about 1000 for the root canal out of pocket (since we hit the max of or dental coverage), then $600 out of pocket for the crown (again, hit the max of dental coverage). Luckily they were broken up over 2 calendar years. We also were able to change our FSA deduction mid-year (due to COVID) to cover the crown, otherwise we would have used up our buffer. (we can each carry over $500.) I don’t recall the sticker price. The endodontis tried to balance bill us, but eventually that was resolved.

  14. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    Belatedly, I’m so sorry! I had a sudden root canal last year… Or the year before? I can’t remember now, but they caught it early enough that it was a two hour procedure and the worst of it was the two hours of drooling like my dog while the local anesthesia wore off. I can’t remember how much it cost but most was covered by insurance.

    If it’s been done, I hope it went well.

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