• Dh accidentally made 10lb of bread in one go.  Somehow we ate 5lb of it the first day.
  • DC2’s schooling turns out to be completely asynchronous, with an expected 3 hours/day of work.  Though 3 hours for most kids is not 3 hours for DC2, so we will have to supplement.
  • Earlier this summer, two of DC2’s friend’s moms were all about limited screen time (DC2’s frenemy’s mom was already heavily pro anything that keeps hir occupied).  They have now gone from “sure, let’s have minecraft realms playdates once a week for an hour or two once school starts” to every other day, “Is anyone available for minecraft for the next 3 hours so I can work?” DC2 has discovered that as host zie is the only one able to use cheat codes and has set up a store across the lake from the group house in their realm. I really hope they don’t get tired of it.
  • DC2 accidentally summoned a crystal that turned out to be a bomb and destroyed the group house.  But they rebuilt.
  • I had ricotta toast with lingonberry jam using a thick half slice of one of the 5lb boules.  It was really good.
  • Nice Kitty really likes ricotta.
  • DH and DC1 went to schedule pick-up (even though they’re virtual) and waited for an hour in line in the car and got a bag of stuff and signed a paper and then did not even check to see if they had gotten DC1’s schedule.  They had not!  I can’t believe that they were both so incurious.  We emailed the counselor as soon as they got home (9am) but she emailed back at night that she wouldn’t have access to the system until Monday.  Classes start on Tuesday and I would really hope that they’d have the classes loaded in the system by Monday for virtual students, especially since the English teachers have already sent dire email warnings about what happens if you don’t get your summer writing assignment in to turnitin by 8:30am on Tuesday.
  • Update:  Counselor sent the schedule on Saturday and DC2 got all the classes zie wanted!  Enough virtual people must have signed up for programming 2 to make it able to have a class.  That seems much more manageable than trying to handle AP Physics this year on top of everything else (including Chemistry, AP US history, Pre-Calc etc.).
  • It seems like everything is adding yeast extract now.  Even organic stuff has organic yeast extract(!)  I miss the days of msg.  (It takes a lot of msg to give me a headache– like you have to directly add powdered sazon–but apparently anything with yeast extract destroys my day.)
  • I did not get a raise.  There was a (small) raise pool, but I guess since I got a big raise last year I wasn’t a priority.  I had an OK year but not an amazing year publications-wise… I did do a TON of service (department and for econ more generally) which apparently does not at all get rewarded.  Which, noted.
  • I’m eligible to apply for faculty development leave again for next year.  I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years.  But… I don’t have any big grants or projects right now so my application isn’t that strong and there’s no place we really want to go until DC1 finishes high school.  It seems crazy not to apply though since worst case scenario I stay here and get paid half my salary for not teaching.  Still, I think I won’t do it.  We only have a really limited number of slots compared to the number of people who want leave and I think I do want to wait until DC1 is at college and DC2 is in middle school, which would be 3 years from now.
  • My uni disabled personal settings on the Office 365 I have on my home computer.  This means that I cannot open word documents from the internet because it is a security risk (it won’t let me check the box saying to trust .doc downloaded from the internet).  Even ones I uploaded myself.  I used to have my own copy of word but it stopped working and when I tried to get it to repair itself it installed Office 365 over itself.  This is really irritating me and I’m considering buying my own copy of Office 365 at full retail price just so I have full administrator control.  But I really hate subscriptions.
  • The other REALLY IRRITATING thing is that I can’t turn off @#$#2ing grammar check (because they disabled personal settings).  I hate grammar check so much.  It let me unclick all the things it checks when it checks grammar which took a long time, but the next time my computer rebooted, they were all back.
  • DH’s sister (pregnant with twins) went into labor early but they were able to stop it, but now she’s on permanent bed-rest until the babies are born.  Fortunately my in-laws are both retired and have been taking turns staying with her kids (a 7 year old and a 4 year old).  (They were going to take the kids to grandma and grampa’s house but the four year old is too worried about her mom.)  My MIL is renting an apartment in September to help out with the twins.  (The due date is in October but the doctors don’t think she will last that long.)  I can’t even imagine how scary this all must be.
  • Update:  Two weeks later DH’s sister is back in the hospital, having gone into labor again.  We’re all really worried.  Apparently she had to take helicopter rides to get to the hospital both times, but at least the hospital in the city she’s been flown to has a good NICU.  She’s 6 months and some change– I don’t know the exact number of weeks.  They’re most worried about the smaller twin (the little girl).  My in-laws will be taking the older kids home with them until school starts in a couple/few weeks.  SIL will be in the hospital for minimum 9 days, assuming they can keep her from giving birth.
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18 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. bogart Says:

    Wow — I hope your SIL and the twins will be OK, that is very scary.

  2. omdg Says:

    Re: the twins, I hope everything turns out ok. I’ve taken care of way too many NICU preemies who did badly to ever forget. If she makes it to 30 weeks, things are likely to go a lot better, but even then… it’s super scary and very hard on the family. Best wishes and good luck. I will keep my fingers crossed for them.

  3. Leigh Says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for DH’s sister and her twins. I’m glad she made it to a hospital with a good NICU.

    I hate the Office 365 subscription. I’ve always bought it through a friend who worked at Microsoft, which made it much more reasonably priced. I might have re-evaluated that if I couldn’t get that access. Yay for programming 2! And I’m sorry you didn’t get a raise.

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Good update today—she’s been moved back to a regular ward and allowed to eat.

  5. Nanani Says:

    Grammar check is The Worst (TM). It seems to be calibrated for middle-grade school essays, and is completely useless for anything else. I work in patents – the LAST thing anyone wants is random refinements that deviate from established boilerplate and very specific legally-significant phrases!

    However, the subscription is tax deductible for me, and if you need it for work I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be for you.
    That doesn’t do anything to address the underlying problem with the subscription model, of course.

    Is OpenOffice or other freeware an option? It isn’t for me because my clients have a suite of macros and formatting preferences that I cannot (and am not interested in) replicate in another word processor. But it might be worth looking into.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      What I really need to do is contact central IT and complain. Or wait until some older white dude prof that they actually listen to complains. (Our central IT office is stereotypically awful.)

      • Debbie M Says:

        Or find a like-minded older white dude prof and volunteer to help him with any actions he takes (on everyone’s behalf). I don’t suppose there’s some group that can submit the request. Hmm, it’s the whole university. Well, Dean? Ombudsperson? Petition?

        Because, you know, you need more activist activities in your life. (Just brainstorming here, in case it helps you think of someone who would actually want to go to IT on everyone’s behalf.)

  6. accm Says:

    How does one accidentally make 10 lb of bread? I mean, that’s most of a fairly large bag of flour…

    Hoping for the best for those twins.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Me too on the twins.

      So the bread story is somewhat convoluted. But it started with DH first not realizing that the recipe made so much. THEN not realizing he was supposed to take 2 cups of starter out for “future batches” which made the dough waaaaay too wet which resulted in him adding a ton more flour. We still have been getting 25 lb boxes of whole wheat and bread flour from nuts.com so it’s easier to not notice you’re going through two 5lb bags! (We know it is 10lb because he weighed the final products.)

  7. First Gen American Says:

    I’m impressed DH is still making bread. I haven’t wanted to bake since summer hit.

  8. Foscavista Says:

    Try writing a document that alternates between English and Spanish.

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