Link Love

Advice for how to vote when you don’t trust the postal system to get your ballot in on time.

More advice.

Best cloth face masks (not the stupid non-study about gaiters)

I was 78% female and 80% male… (note that the battery of scales this is based on is all about stereotypes *not* actually what makes people male or female).

The art of doing less (an update from middle class revolution)

Convention highlights. Definitely watch Michelle Obama’s speech. And… lots of other speeches. And the roll call. I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t been able to watch *any* of this without tears streaming down my face.

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you for continuing to make a helpful difference in my world.

  2. Debbie M Says:

    I enjoyed the mask article. Especially a) wear whatever is comfortable enough that you will actually wear it and b) “When you cough without a mask on, aerosols fly out of your mouth as far as about 8 feet on average, according to a June 2020 study. Tie on that bandana, and outgoing aerosols get only as far as 3 feet 7 inches on average, the authors found. Wear a well-fitted two-layer quilting cotton mask, and those droplets, on average, stop short at a mere 2½ inches…. a mask that conforms closely to the face can enhance performance by as much as 50% over the same mask that doesn’t. … The coronavirus is easily broken down with soap and water whether it’s on your hands or a mask.”

    On voting by mail:

    Not all states have drop-off boxes. In Texas they are *illegal.*

    You still *can* drop off your mail-in ballot but by law you could do so only at the Elections Clerk’s office, you can drop off only your own ballot, and you have to show an ID, sign a roster, and insert it in the ballot box. This involves waiting in line wearing a mask, or we also have curbside pick-up.

    By Texas law, you can do this only on the day of the election. But in amazing good news, our governor has overridden that law to say that for this election, you can have a much longer window. (He also gave us a longer window for early voting!) Also, my county’s Elections Clerk is going to open three additional drive-through drop-off locations. Unfortunately, they will all be in downtown because by law they have to be in locations where Elections already has offices.

    In other good news, Texas also has a ballot tracker, even though it’s not on that list: (I have no idea how useful it is.)

    FYI, I wrote a blog post on things people might not know about voting by mail (admittedly, mostly about my state and county, but it can give you ideas of things to ask about in your state and county):

  3. middle_class Says:

    Thanks for the link!

    According to that gender test, I am 63% male and 50% female. Like you said, it is very stereotypical in terms of which traits are masculine or feminine.

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