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Another really busy week. I’m sorry guys!

Penzey’s spices looting its own store for racial justice.

This retirement calculator is kind of fun

Also, I don’t know why Amazon didn’t tell me (even though it’s been telling me about all sorts of upcoming books that I can’t have yet!), but KJ Charles has a new book out!!!! (I thought to check because the romance community has been having a back and forth about whether or not non-LGBT authors should be allowed to write LGBT characters, and is it fair to out an author who writes LGBT characters, and I was like ooh I wonder if KJ Charles has anything out. And she DID! I love how she is SO prolific! In any case, she’s not a problem because the true underlying problem is the publishing industry acting as gate-keepers keeping LGBT authors from getting contracts because of their personal characteristics, and KJ Charles is now entirely self-published.) I just bought it and haven’t read it yet, but I am totally going to use it as a work reward for myself if I’m good this weekend.

8 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Jenny F Scientist Says:

    I just bought the detective story you recommended to Revanche!

  2. wally Says:

    The debate about LGBT authorship is interesting as I have been having a similar debate about LGBT research. We just hired a new staff person and they are straight. The rest of the team is queer. My mentor is over the moon with this new staff person and is giving them opportunities (over the postdocs on the team who actually need pubs). This person is a gunner and laps up the attention and acts like they know more than the rest of us (they literally explained homophobia to us) – and has actively worked to push themselves above the rest of of the team to get opportunities and attention. This is not to say that non-LGBT people shouldn’t do LGBT research – but their approach should be thoughtful/reflexive. I think one of the issues with excluding non-LGBT-identified people from things (like queer roles, writing, or research) is that sexuality is fluid and people may be questioning or not completely out of the closet and need these experiences to help them sort through things. I also think it can increase empathy to work in areas divergent from our own experiences – but again, reflexivity is needed.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I was so happy that I knew about Penzey’s from y’all here when I ran across their decision re: Kenosha! I am coming due for a refill on spices at some point and we’ll be shopping from them whenever we can.

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