What is your plan to vote?

#1: Will vote during the early voting period in person, likely early morning on a Wednesday during the first week and I will also drag DH with me.

#2: Lives in a state with voting by mail, and always chooses that option. It is important to get the ballot in earlier than the deadline in case of USPS delays.

#1: I will also remind students to register to vote here or request their absentee ballots NOW. I gave the student workers voter registration cards to put in the mailboxes of our majors and I will write emails on how to register and how to vote for our department chair to send out to students.

What is your plan to vote? Have you requested an absentee ballot yet? Do you know where you can turn one in? Have you checked your voter registration to make sure you’re still registered and everything is up to date?  Do you have any suggestions for getting the vote out?

43 Responses to “What is your plan to vote?”

  1. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    We’ve been voting absentee for a while since I can’t handle in person. We expect our ballots in early October and will plan to send them back within a week to make sure it has plenty of time to get there.

  2. omdg Says:

    #2 — I requested absentee ballot for both elections when I registered in July

  3. bogart Says:

    Absentee ballots requested. Those are plan B, I plan/hope to vote in person, early, maybe on the 2nd day of early voting. DH will probably join me (he too has requested absentee ballot).

    No brilliant ideas on GOTV, but if I can vote early in a way that feels low-risk (no wait, no crowd, everyone masked) I will send a report of same, with details on location & experience, to my neighborhood listserv, Nextdoor, and FB, among other things so that if others in my area/networks are interested in doing so they can perhaps do the same (and similarly if I have a bad experience I may post about that but probably only after having a good one also, i.e., “My experience suggests polling location A at time B may feel crowded whereas polling location C at time D was not.”).

    I am working with students who are crafting interventions to encourage/facilitate voting — informational messages, transportation on election day, non-English-language outreach.

    • Debbie M Says:

      Warning: Having requested absentee ballots will mean more trouble when you go to vote by mail. If you have received your ballot, it’s best to bring that ballot (together with the envelope they want you to send it in). Then you can surrender it and fill out a form to cancel that ballot. Then you can vote.

      Otherwise you will have to vote provisionally, with an affidavit explaining why they should count your vote, plus also the form to cancel your absentee ballot. If you cancel your ballot at the central office, they may be able to process it there, and then you can bring that to your polling location and vote.

      Things may be different in your state (I’m in Texas), but I get the idea that it’s a very similar procedure everywhere.

  4. delagar Says:

    Early voting starts here in October 2019. We’re bringing the kid home for that week and going as a family!

  5. Katherine Says:

    I’ve requested an absentee ballot. I was worried that absentee ballots might not be counted, but after the state democratic party and DSCC sent me a request form I decided to fill it out and send it in. I will be certain to send my ballot back early, and my state has an online absentee ballot tracking system so I can check to make sure it got there in time.

  6. Steph Says:

    I requested a mail-in ballot and I’m still waiting to receive it. I will probably hand-deliver it to a ballot collection box if I can find one.

    I also may volunteer to be a poll worker because I don’t teach on Tuesdays. It sounds like our local election commission might require each poll worker to be there the whole day, before polls open until after they close, and I’m not sure I can do that. But I’m going to try to find out more.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Volunteering as a poll worker would be a really great public service. I worry about the older folks who usually take care of our polling sites, especially since most of the Republicans are anti-maskers. (Before our county put in a mask order, the Republicans AND the voting commissioner who is probably also a Republican, refused to require poll workers wear masks, which put innocent democrat lives in danger. Thankfully it’s a county law now.)

  7. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I requested a mail-in ballot; our local registrar is using BallotScout, which tracks each ballot! I’d never seen it before but it’s pretty cool. Our locality uses paper ballots with a scanner. There’s a dropbox behind City Hall.

  8. Anne Says:

    We automatically get a ballot mailed to us here in CA. And like in several past years, there are collection boxes set up all over the city which makes it super easy to drop off, no USPS needed. I’ve never actually gone to a polling station!

  9. FF Says:

    I requested an absentee ballot, although I’m not sure whether I will use it or vote in person.

      • FF Says:

        My original plan was to absentee vote by mail because the restrictions on getting an absentee ballot have been loosened this year in NY (you can request one for illness if you’re concerned about Covid) and asthma was listed as a risk factor for severe Covid. But when all of the mail problems started, no one where I lived got any mail for several days, which makes me concerned about whether my ballot would arrive in time to be counted (there’s no way to check). Also, I recently read in the newspaper that many absentee ballots are disqualified based on technicalities. So if Covid rates are still low locally (<1%) when early voting starts, I will probably choose to vote in person. If they are a bit higher, I will probably try to drop the absentee ballot off in person to minimize any contact time. Much higher and I will use the mail despite my misgivings.

      • FF Says:

        It will probably depend on Covid rates locally. I originally planned to vote absentee because NY loosened the restrictions this year and asthma is listed as a possible risk factor for severe Covid. But when all the post office issues started, no one where I lived got mail for several days, which makes me concerned about my absentee ballot being received (there’s no way to check). And there have been news stories about a large number of absentee ballots being disqualified on technicalities. So if our local Covid rates remain low, I will probably early vote in person.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        WordPress keeps sending you to spam. Sorry!

  10. rose Says:

    In a state where automatically ballot will be sent in mail to me. HAve been mail-in voter consistently for 15 + years. Yes, I check valid registration is on file and I am not in a state that is ‘scrubbing voter reqistration lists’. Will take to collection box within 24hr of getting ballot to return. State has tracking system for ballots and will watch that as …. back up insurance to know it is counted.
    Have already gone to LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS and downloaded their information on state ballot issues and also to VOTER’S EDGE so majority (VAST majority) of all state and local offices (local school district offices etc) and measures are things I have already researched and am ready to vote on. Should not be much (possibly judges) to look up and decide on.
    THANK YOU to everyone for being ready and planning ahead.

  11. Alice Says:

    Colorado voter.

    We always get our ballots in the mail and usually drop them off in a collection box or with the team outside County Clerk’s office the weekend before election day, having forgotten to get them in the mail sooner.

    This year we will be getting them in the mail and putting them in a collection box almost immediately after we receive them. Mostly because I am so frustrated with Trump and the furiously irrational Trump supporters I see on other people’s Facebook post comments. (I am thinking specifically of my husband’s cousin’s wife’s high school friends. I barely know the woman–I maybe saw her at a Thanksgiving once, and she seems rational from what I remember and from what she’s posting. But her friends list, yikes. It is scary to see the level of right-wing craziness that some of them put out there. I want to be able to tell myself that my vote is definitely IN when I see those comments.)

  12. bethh Says:

    Oregon here – 100% vote by mail since the late 1980s! I get a text alert when my ballot is sent out, and another when they get it back from me. love it.

    I’m participating in a few get out the vote efforts – with sister district, and with NWGSDpdx. I’m writing letters to Texas voters right now, and they’ll all be dropped about a month before the vote. Did you see this article? SO satisfying https://mustreadalaska.com/outside-group-executed-stealth-writing-campaign-to-turn-out-democrat-absentees/

  13. becca Says:

    I will walk over the ~50 yards to the town hall and vote early in person, sometime after October 6th. I am not back to full-time on-site work, so finding a nice quiet morning (like about 9am when they open, but not the first few days) when other people won’t be there should not be an issue. I should google and find my down-ticket ballot options and research, but haven’t gotten that far yet.

    I really liked voting by mail before, but I also like walking over to vote in part because it’s so close.

  14. Leah Says:

    Just double checked my status — I requested absentee ballots this summer for our August primary and November general. My August one was counted, and my November one will be on the way once it is ready. I plan to vote pretty early. I am hoping my ballot comes pre-baby so I can take a little time to sit down, make my choices for local elections, etc. I definitely plan to return my ballot in October with plenty of time.

    My big thing will be reminding my dad regularly about early voting so he gets it done. He never forgets to vote but sometimes needs a reminder.

  15. First Gen American Says:

    Absentee here as well. The good thing in my town is you can drop your ballot at the town hall so you don’t have to worry about mail delays etc.

  16. middle_class Says:

    I just requested an absentee ballot. Thanks for the reminder!

  17. Debbie M Says:

    I’m doing early voting, though I just learned today that I’ll be working a bazillionty hours throughout all of early voting. I’m not doing the early shift, so I’ll vote on my way to work one day. The good news is that we have almost 3 weeks of early voting in my county and polls open at 7 am.

    The bad news is that drop boxes are actually illegal in Texas. Also, sample ballots and LWV voter’s guides are still not out, so they’re not making it easy to get started on my research. Well the courts just (yesterday?) decided that the Green Party has to be included in three races in our state, so some work that had already been done now has to be re-done.

    I have no suggestions for getting the vote out, besides just begging my friends and relatives. I’m a little concerned that Republicans may be quite on the ball about sending out mail-in ballot applications to their supporters, despite the President dissing it for everyone but absentee voters like himself. They are definitely sending it out to voters who are over 65 (one of the allowable categories in my state) and not just people in the military and other probably absentee voters. If I were a Trump supporter, I would be quite gleeful about sticking it to the Dems by telling them all that voting by mail is unsafe and then quietly mailing my ballot in. And maybe by getting the Green Party on the ballot to dilute their votes.

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