Ask the Grumpies: Where should I donate for Activism if I only have a little money?

K asks:

If I only have say, $5,$10 or $25 right now where is the best place to donate, in this present life or death election?

I do not know the answer, but maybe someone from Grumpy Nation will.

If you are someplace in which the local elections matter and aren’t obvious (so you’re not trying to decide between two amazing options), your local elections are probably going to give the most bang for your buck.  A little money will go a long way.  And that money won’t be wasted sending you thick envelopes asking for more money (ugh).  You could also probably pick up a yard sign for someone local for $5 or $10 from your local dems office or from their campaign hq.

If you’re *not* in that situation, I’m not sure.  I’ve been doing a lot of $25 donations to close races in my state that aren’t ones I’m allowed to vote in.  There’s also a lot of small campaigns where you can donate post-card stamps and post-cards.  Or you can combine your small $ with time and write letters to voters (you provide paper, printing, envelopes, stamps) with or write post-cards to voters with a number of organizations (of which is one)

There are also things you can do for free.  Call up your local dems office and/or local (or less local) indivisible office and get on their email mailing list. I find out about lots of important opportunities for giving or doing from mailing lists from a couple of Indivisible groups in nearby cities.

My sister says doing phone-calls this year is way nicer than in previous years– people are happy to talk.  Similarly, there are texting campaigns (I’m not crazy about a lot of texting campaigns, but I do like the “get out the vote” ones).  For many of these you can either use your phone or you can use your wireless internet to actually do the contacting, so if you’re on a limited data plan for your phone you can use the internet instead.

A very simple thing you can do for free is to get your friends and acquaintances to check their voter registration to make sure they’re registered.  Ask folks about their plans to vote– if voting absentee, have they ordered a ballot yet?  Then let people know if/when early voting starts and other deadlines.  You can also call up your local electeds and tell them you are not interested in fascism.  Tell them to impeach Attorney General Barr and to make Postmaster DeJoy resign.  Ask for bipartisan legislation to protect the USPS.  Ask your governor to allow and expand ballot drop boxes.  Ask Congress to support nation-wide mail-in voting.  Demand an extension for the US Census.  And on and on (scripts for these are all available from ).  You can also follow celeste_p on twitter for up-to-date actions.

Grumpy Nation:  Where do you think small donations are best used?  What suggestions do you have for low cost or no-cost actions?

11 Responses to “Ask the Grumpies: Where should I donate for Activism if I only have a little money?”

  1. gwinne Says:

    LIkewise, I lack TIME but want to prioritize the election. I’ve been doing at least 5 postcards to voters each week for a while (mostly 10-15). I’ve had Tiny Boy write “Vote” (obvious kid handwriting) on the card and add a message like “I wrote this with my son. Your voice matters.”

    I’m switching to letter writing once I have a new ink cartridge…

  2. Jenny F Scientist Says:

    I would suggest donating to a local anti-gerrymandering organization for the greatest impact! 50 Ways has a lot of local chapters, my state also has OneVirginia 2021, and so on.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    Indivisible Philadelphia has a project writing postcards to Philly registered Dems reminding them to sign up for vote-by-mail. You can either help write postcards (from anywhere in the country) or donate $35 which will help them send postcards to 1,000 voters. Given that Pennsylvania is a key swing state and that Philadelphia is a Dem stronghold, Philly voters are going to be really important in this election.

  4. K Says:

    Thanks! I will keep this in mind.
    I live in Massachusetts so Biden will win here…. but I want to support his campaign overall with some $$ as well.

    I also know that Trump did not win honestly the first time and there is also a strong chance this will happen again. Also stupid electoral college…

  5. Jess Says:

    What do you read to write in the vote forward letters? I just signed up and I’m a little intimidated.

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