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I have a paper draft deadline on Tuesday for a paper that hasn’t been written, so really light links again this week.  This is going to be the story of a lot of this semester until January as I have promised too many unwritten papers to conferences.  Usually they don’t all get accepted(!)  I am still struggling with having time to do Activism, but I’ve been getting baby steps in, mostly getting people to register and check their registration.  DH promises to use his free Fridays until the election to do activism and he’s going to start by going through all the action emails I’ve been letting pile up in our junkmail account.  It is just so hard to do everything, but this election is SO important.

Poignant Frog and Toad pandemic stories by McSweenys.

Lots of blogs are having lots of different schooling experiences.  Here’s another.  At Casa Grumpy, DC2 just got introduced to a lot of educational games (Prodigy and Kaboom are the two recent favs), so zie is happy.  I’m not sure all this computer time plus Minecraft is great for hir eyes, but it’s good for my sanity!  Spanish weeks are still a lot harder on me.

This second short story here (The Princess Who Could Not Cry) was one of my favorites as a girl.  I thought it was in my book of princess stories illustrated by Lois Lenski, but it isn’t!  I don’t think I had the Rainbow Cat where it was originally published, but I do wonder what anthology it was originally in.

4 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Mercifully, the middle school Spanish teacher is the best (only good!) one so far. Especially merciful as I speak fluent French but zero Spanish.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      DH has to muddle-through with no romance language knowledge on my teaching days! (DC1’s Spanish teacher is AWFUL, but DC2’s is thankfully great.) (I’d initially attributed DC1’s Spanish teacher’s awfulness to inability to use the virtual technology, but my friend says no, she was terrible in person last year too.)

    • Omdg Says:

      Spanish?? What is that? We don’t do foreign languages at this particular public elementary school. Duo lingo it is! I wish daughter would at least be willing to try Italian because then I could force her to speak it with me. Husband won’t. Grrrrr….

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