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I’m about to go out to drop off how to vote information on doors in a “democratic leaning” area. Yesterday we did a bunch of postcards, but I really need to start doing letters because I have so many stamps!  (Also the letters dropoff date is in a week and some change.)  Donated to some state representative campaigns.  Reminded students to register to vote (the deadline is very soon, so I will send another email that day).  It really is go-time. 

WordPress just switched me over to block editor and it has been a huge pain.  Ironically, it will not let me update posts in *chrome* which is also owned by google (it lets me write stuff but then it won’t let me save the changes which is super irritating).  But I can update them in Safari, which… trying to do a post in block editor on an iphone is … not fun.  Firefox seems to be working fine (but I couldn’t futz with the blog during working hours yesterday while I was at an online conference using firefox because I have it leechblocked during working hours!)

Links are really sparse because I’m very busy at work, but also because since RBG’s passing I’ve been off social media and reddit entirely.  That and the glorious weather we’ve been having (unlike most of the country) has been keeping me able to move forward.  Even though my students are starting to not take mask-wearing seriously in class because so many of them have recovered from Corona and are feeling better (because, you know, they’re under age 22) that it must not be a big deal. 

What We Knew, What We Know, and Why It Matters

American words British folk don’t know

OMG I LOVE AMBER RUFFIN’s NEW SHOW!!!!! (yes, I have to scream it)

7 Responses to “Link love”

  1. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    Are you working in the app or on the browser version? At least in the app you can still switch back to the classic editor. I hate block editor!

  2. rose Says:

    Maybe, remind your students it is possible to get covid a second time………….
    And thank you for writing. Your posts are always helpful and the normalacy of you posting really helps as so much changes and gets scary and scarier.

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