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WordPress continues to be irritating. I can’t save changes at all in Chrome. Sometimes I can in Safari and sometimes I can’t (but it pretends it did and then just doesn’t, unlike Chrome which gives me an error). WordPress works just fine, but I have it leechblocked during working hours which is generally a good thing but sometimes I really do want to add a bullet or figure out why something isn’t posting. Fortunately they’ve made it easier to use classic mode than it was a week ago. Still, I do not need the minor irritation of things just not working! Especially not for a hobby.

I found a notawastedword post *infuriating*. Agaishanlife explains why in a much more succinct way than any of my rantings could capture in this post and in her reply to me. She just nails it in a sentence or two.

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Hey! This weekend is a good one to do letters! They get sent next Saturday! There are millions of addresses left on the site.

  2. rose Says:

    1,500 get out the vote mailing done. Voted myself withing 1 1/2 hrs of getting ballot in mail box including time to drive to and from a ballot box. Have now gotten confirmation my ballot envelope was inspected and approved (signatures matched) for counting. We need to end voter suppression, gerrymandering, purging of voter rolls without adequate time and notification to allow people to re-register easily.
    Thank you for supporting voting. THANK YOU for all the links and helping keep me current on information I might otherwise not have seen. Thank you for sharing organizations that helped stand against despair and horror. AND, thank you for tiny kittens…. they are some of the sanest, most ‘be present in the moment’/’don’t guess at the future’ reminders when the domestic terrorists are being impactful and I get scared.
    Please keep posting and keeping me company when things are scary.

  3. Debbie M Says:

    “Dropping off” ballots in Texas is almost as bad as voting in person. You have to show a state-issued photo ID (if possible) and sign something and then physically drop your sealed, also signed, ballot into the ballot box, and you can only drop off your own ballot.

    In Travis County (Austin), the temp employees are no long allowed to park in the parking lot at the Elections building, the chosen drop-off location. One-third of the parking lot is blocked off to make little Sonic-style drive-up stations so that several people can be served at once, and there are traffic directors all through the parking lot. It’s kind of festive!

    Meanwhile, as of Friday, over 60,000 ballots had been sent out, breaking the previous all-time record. Twice. (Previous record was around 30K.) And we still haven’t gotten to the deadline for applying, nor has early voting started. It’s pretty exciting.

    And the post office is still making house calls. Even in minority parts of town. I’m more worried about in-person early voting and election-day voting because of self-proclaimed Trump-following “election watchers.” Well, okay, I’m also a little worried about attacks at the Elections building.

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