Link Love

A reminder to check to see that your mail-in ballot was accepted and an explanation about why signature matching is so bad for elections and who this primarily hurts (hint: democrats)

Cory Booker on why democrats haven’t been able to stop the illegitimate supreme court nomination.

One of my students this past week went on a rant about how the US isn’t a democracy. Here’s why:

When the virus hits close to home.

Man ejected from school board meeting for eating six feet away from school board members sans mask.


3 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you.

  2. teresa Says:

    I took my ballot to a drop box (closer than the post office actually) Thursday and I’ve been compulsively checking on it since.

    My mother has been parroting similar arguments about how the US was meant to be a republic and not a democracy for years to justify why the electoral college is a good thing and other such nonsense. She also loves the New Yorker and part of my wonders if she’ll read the article and think twice, but most of me is afraid to ask :(

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