Tuesday Nov 3rd is Voting day in the US

Have you voted?

What’s your plan to vote?

Where are you going to vote?  Do you have a mask and water and a snack in case you have to wait in line?

Remember, they can’t turn you away if you’re in line.

32 Responses to “Tuesday Nov 3rd is Voting day in the US”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I think the media has done a great job covering voter suppression this time around. I never thought it was that big a deal before now as I have never had issues In all my Years of voting, even when I lived in a big city. The footage of the lines in GA has been crazy.

    I just walked into my town hall that’s 0.4 miles from my house and voted weeks ago with no issues and no line. My ballot was registered online in less than 24 hours as counted and accepted. It was so easy and done in 5 minutes which included travel time. I am in a strong democratic state though, so my everyday view of reality is very skewed compared to with what a lot of people go through. But the lesson here is it can be easy to vote and any thing harder is just voter suppression.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:


      Did you see that Republicans are trying to toss out 172k votes in Houston? It’s going to an evil federal judge today after the 100% republican Texas Supreme Court ruled not to toss them 9-0. But the federal judge is a bad one.

    • K Says:

      I believe we are in the same state. I ended up voting early along with teen daughter. We were the only one’s there…
      But in all my years I have never had any problems or anything resembling a line to vote.
      Yes, it continues to be alarming what many are being forced to deal with to vote.
      Anon in mass

  2. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Voted by mail and called the registrar to confirm my ballot was in! I’m going to be at the polls lobbying against gerrymandering tomorrow- there’s a constitutional amendment this year.

  3. Katherine Says:

    I voted absentee and mailed my ballot a few weeks ago. I checked the online tracking system, and it was received at the county office!

  4. Carolyn Says:

    I voted by mail weeks ago and my city’s website said my vote has been received. Tomorrow I will be volunteering with a group of chefs, restaurants and food trucks providing food to people waiting in line. Since I live in Philadelphia, which has the most Dems in the state that is likely to determine the presidential election, making it easier for people to stay in line to vote seems really important.

    • Debbie M Says:

      I have only fantasized about feeding people in line. My model is the lady in Hal Hartley’s movie “The Book of Life” who, after she wins the lottery, uses the money to hand people delicious hot soup in the streets of New York. (Instead I will be doing mindless but I guess somewhat important work at the local elections office.) But I am super happy to hear about that program!

  5. Steph Says:

    I dropped mine off a few weeks ago at a ballot box, and checked online to see that it’s already been counted!

  6. Miser Mom Says:

    Voted with my husband and my son: got absentee ballots, dropped them off at the courthouse in the ballot collection box a few weeks back, and got the email that says they were accepted. It was, as others say above, easy for us, but I don’t take that for granted like I used to.

  7. Jessica Says:

    Voted early in person last week :) No particular plans tomorrow, but your blog inspired me to do VoteFwd letters and I did 220 and got my family to do some additional ones too!

  8. bogart Says:

    Voted early in person a couple of weeks ago. Considering giving money to one or more feed-those-in-line groups, for tomorrow. Also to the Alamance County, NC NAACP, for obvious reasons.

  9. Annie Says:

    Voted weeks ago by dropping my ballot at one of the 100+ official boxes around my CA city. All public transportation here is free tomorrow and my megacorp employer has made tomorrow a no meeting/no email day to allow everyone time to vote.

    So basically the opposite of TX.

  10. delagar Says:

    We brought the kid home a few weeks ago and we all voted early, and in person.

  11. FF Says:

    I dropped off my absentee ballot off at an early voting site last Monday. No absentee ballot tracking in my county and our mail is still not back to normal. Also no ballot drop boxes here –I had to go to the front of a long line of early voters and ask a poll worker, who then took my ballot and put it into a pouch.

  12. CG Says:

    DH biked our ballots over to the drop box at city hall a couple of weeks ago. My mom and sister in OH voted absentee last weekend after having their ballots delayed for a long time (it was in the NYtimes). I love voting in person and will miss doing it this year–I especially remember standing in a long line to vote for Obama in 2008 and saw so many friends and neighbors. It is such a cool shared civic experience. But it still is even if you don’t do it in person. Here’s hoping for a good outcome tomorrow…or sometime this week.

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