A snapshot of DH’s unemployment chores list

  1. Get and install curtains for the office.  [Ed:  this is my requested Christmas present this year so my face isn’t half blindingly white while zooming]
      1. Rod hanging style
        1. We do not want a curtain rod that attaches inside the door frame, because that will interfere with the screen door.
        2. We could use inside mount brackets and mount the curtain to both side walls, but then there would be a long rod sticking out over the filing cabinets for no reason.
        3. We could use an inside mount bracket on the side wall by the desk, and a normal bracket (to the window’s wall) on the other side, but that’s going to look asymmetrical.
        4. I think we use a normal rod attached to the same wall as the window, and it equally extends on either side of the door frame, which will put the end next to the desk almost up against the side wall, and put about 12” of space between the edge of the window and the end of the rod on each side.  To get the bracket close to the side wall next to the desk, let’s use the blackout rods that curve back into the wall.
          1. It would also be nice to minimize the depth, so the curtain is close to the wall.
      2. “Door” width 70.5” including the molding.
        1. Add 24” -> 94.5” wide curtain.
          1. Divide by 2 panels -> 48” panel width.
        2. Add ~10” -> 80.5” rod.
      3. 4.5” from the outside edge of the molding to the nearest wall.
      4. Do we need two panels or just one?
        1. I think 2 panels would look better.  We could get a single panel 100” wide, but I think when the curtains are open they will look better framing the door.
      5. Door height: 83.25” from floor to molding.
        1. So an 84” long panel? Then we set it above the top of the door and it won’t puddle on the ground.
      6. For curtain color, I think anything light or black is too extreme. Probably best to just go with brown.
  2. Fix the broken fence board.
  3. Clean the guest bedroom. [Ed:  this used to be DH’s office]
  4. Use the copper test kit.  [Ed:  Our water was strikingly blue for a little while.  We turned the whole house filter back on.]
  5. Clean the junk on the floor in front of the printer. [I suspect he means his 3d printer which is on the floor of the guest bedroom]
  6. Get the car inspected and registered.
  7. Clean out my work desk drawer.
  8. Keep the wooden boxes currently in the garage, break them down, or get rid of them. [Ed: More work stuff]
  9. Cash bonds.  [Ed: Both of our families bought us small savings bonds that have stopped accruing interest back in the early 1980s when there was a sale]
  10. Glue “Baking with Julia”.  [Ed: Wonderful cookbook, terrible binding]
  11. Ant hill by corner.  [Ed: Red ants are evil]
  12. Fix gate.  [Ed: I’m not sure what gate he means since the one to our dogrun just sort of fell over and we removed it and it’s no longer a dog run… we now have a more open concept backyard.  Come to think of it, there’s a gate on the other side that we never use that is under a bunch of wisteria, so maybe that’s what he means.]
  13. Replace the lightbulb in the refrigerator.  [Ed: One of MANY lightbulbs that heard DH was going to have a bunch of free time and decided to die]
    1. Ordered replacement.


I have no questions.  But it is nice having a highly qualified personal assistant!

4 Responses to “A snapshot of DH’s unemployment chores list”

  1. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    I have a (perhaps silly as it is the middle of the night and I’m sleepy) question about 1! What are the curtains covering? The door to the office?

    You’ve got me thinking about curtains for my closet again because we never installed closet doors and I still don’t want doors for it but I do want some way to cover up the closet when I’m taking conference calls.

    Did y’all decide how he might approach the issue of unemployment and next jobs etc?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Oh! The office opens up on one side to a cute little side patio to the great outdoors. They get a lot of sun, which is nice, except when I’m zooming at certain times of the day half of my face shows up as blindingly white even with the current paper blinds down. You can see a picture of the door/window in question here: https://nicoleandmaggie.wordpress.com/2019/04/01/dh-talks-about-creating-a-screen-door-kludge/

      Our house is mostly windows instead of walls all around the outside.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Re: unemployment: DH has been taking a leisurely approach to figuring out next steps, meaning we are getting unemployment $$. He’s had some good conversations with people in his network about next steps, and he may be changing his primary focus from medical-thing-his-phd-is-in to medical-thing-he-has-recent-experience-in-and-did-undergrad-on because it is easier to do remotely. He’s taking a coursera on machine learning to build up those skills (again, he has some recent experience with machine learning, but he figured he could use more of a backbone in it), but I told him he’s not allowed to apply for a job doing machine learning at Amazon.

      One of the problems a lot of his friends are having is that in big companies either their jobs have gotten boring or they’re being pushed into management, which explains why so many of them have left fancy jobs at big companies. for start-ups.

      I will probably post more on this after the new year.

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