URGENT: Calls for democracy TODAY (Please call or fax!)

Yes, I, too would rather be discussing the merits of different organizational systems.  But Democracy is more important.

US citizen readers, I need you to do the following things today.

Call or Fax your Members of Congress:

Call your members of congress https://myreps.datamade.us/ (<–note:  may be out of date if you have a new MOC from the last election)— senators and congressperson and demand that:
1. Trump be impeached or resign
2. Cruz resign
3. Hawley resign

Why?  If you missed the news and were actually able to work yesterday:  These three people helped incite a riot and attempted coup which resulted in congress being evacuated and at least one death.  So far only 25 people have been arrested (earlier numbers said 13) and possibly some congressional police have been fired for their part in helping protestors in, but that may be an internet rumor.  Washington Post is calling for impeachment and resignations.  We should be too.

If you can’t leave a message, you can send a fax https://faxzero.com/fax_senate.php ,
If you can’t do that, you can send an email or a postcard (or keep trying).

Do this if your MOC are democrats (they need the support) or Republicans (they can put pressure AND they will learn that they cannot join the seditionists with impunity).

Next:  Check to see if your Congressperson is on this list of 138 congresspeople who voted to overturn a free and fair election.  If so, then call them and tell them it was wrong.  I called at 5am this morning and my congressman himself answered the phone and tried to convince me that the debate on the floor made it clear… he hung up on me when I called him a traitor to democracy.  It’s not likely that your congressperson will answer themselves (and fax if you don’t want to talk!), but they need to know that attempted coups are unacceptable.  How much further can they go?  Do we want to let them find out?  [NOTE:  IF THERE WAS AN ELECTION IN YOUR DISTRICT, your congressperson may have changed!  The new congresspeople have been seated. https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative]

After you’ve made your calls, could you ask a friend or tweet or send to a mailing list or something to get the word out so that more people call?  We need to save democracy.  There was an attempted coup yesterday.  It needs to be punished swiftly and with great strength and I’m not sure our leaders have the bravery to do so unless they feel like their constituency is behind it.  And the republicans who supported the coup need to know they cannot keep subverting democracy.

Let me know in the comments that you called/faxed!  Share any scripts you found useful!

25 Responses to “URGENT: Calls for democracy TODAY (Please call or fax!)”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    has a very clear explanation of what happened yesterday.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Also: I called my senators yesterday and will again today. So did my husband. If voicemailboxes are full I will fax.

  3. Ann Says:

    I fax my representatives all the time. So today I was able to just change Monday’s letter from future to past tense verbs and it was saying the same thing. Sigh… So angry and sad.

  4. Sneakers Says:

    Sneakers – I’d emailed my senator before I saw your blog – and then emailed my rep. Thank you for the reminder that they need to know what we think – now more than ever.

  5. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  7. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Also if one of these is your senator tell them they are anti-American seditionists/to resign/etc.:

    (Not 100% sure on the truth of the picture there though.)

  8. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  9. rose Says:

    waiting for the pardons to arrive from W.H.

  10. A Says:

    I woke up yesterday realizing we had probably flipped Georgia (I take no responsibility beyond donating all my spare change and reposting everything from that incredible team down there), then, I interviewed for a job for a few hours, and then I realized what was happening. What a nightmare

  11. Debbie M Says:

    Hey, one of my Senators actually opposed overturning democracy! Amazing! Of course my other Senator is Ted Cruz. And my Rep also is terrible, as expected. Okay, I did it, I left these messages:
    Cruz – If you don’t want to be accused of sedition, then when people lie about the election being fixed, you need to counter those lies. When people fall for the lies and want to fight back, you shouldn’t encourage them by saying things like, “We won’t go quietly into the night. We will defend liberty.” When you want Trump supporters to back you so much that you back lies, then you have a clear conflict of interest and it’s time for you to resign. We need decent Republicans in the Senate to work with decent Democrats to design legislation that will help us fight our real problems. I also support invoking the 25th Amendment, and impeaching and convicting the president for some of his many unconstitutional acts.
    Cornyn – Thank you so much for supporting the electoral college. I must assume you were under a lot of pressure to do otherwise, and I greatly thank you for standing against that. Also, you would have my support in pushing for the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, and if President Trump is impeached again for any of the unconstitutional things he’s done, I support your voting to convict.
    Williams – As your constituent, I am appalled that you voted against the electoral college. The election clearly was not decided by voter fraud, and by perpetuating this lie, you are partly responsible for the invasion and looting of Congress. Those people think they are fighting for something important but it’s all a lie. The fact that you can’t speak out against the lie implies you have some sort of conflict of interest and should resign. But as my Senator, I ask that you push for the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment if possible and if President Trump is impeached again for any of the unconstitutional things he’s done, I support your voting to convict. And also start supporting truth in your work. We have actual problems that need solutions.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      You are a true patriot!!

    • Anon F Says:

      I’m not American but following close and trying to understand both sides. How have you decided which side is lying? Do you think the news from Italy is false?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I don’t think you are really having trouble understanding. But if you are: one side states there has been voter fraud but offers zero evidence and states that the fraud has only occurred in places that are likely to vote democrat. The burden of proof is on them and has been extensively through the court system packed with republican judges. The “other” side is not even partisan. If you’re asking did trump and Cruz and hawley start a riot that killed 5 people and endangered congress, that is all on film.

        There’s no “both sides” here. There’s seditionists who are traitors to the country. You don’t need to post anonymously on a blog to learn about that, even from Zurich.

      • Anon F Says:

        Sorry, maybe I didn’t phrase my comment well, And probably it seems a selfish concern but you can understand why I’m concerned nonetheless.

  12. Link Love | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] your members of congress to support impeachment proceedings and to get Cruz and Hawley to resign, you can still do that today! (or fax or email etc.) More MOC need to sign on ASAP and they’ll do that if they hear from […]

  13. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Ok, I have yelled to all my Members of Congress via Fax today! A bit late but I figure it’s still important, especially as we’ve not seen any quick action other than spin.

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