Where did Revanche’s most commenting winnings go?

As regular readers may recall, Revanche won the “most commenting” award for 2020.  The reward is to get the previous month’s amazon earnings donated to a favorite charity.  This year, we bumped up the donation to a round $50 (we’re not making much from Amazon these days…)

What did Revanche choose:

I’d love for it to go to the Navajo Water Project.

What is the Navajo Water Project?

It is a non-profit dedicated to bringing clean running water and solar power to Navajo families in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.   They note that 1 in 3 Navajo still don’t have a sink or toilet.  $4500 brings running water and solar power to a Navajo family.  $90 provides a sink and faucet.  $250 a solar panel.  $52 pipes and fittings.

Searching online, it appears that the Navajo Water Project is a program of the DIGDEEP Right to Water project.  Guidestar information is here.  Charity Navigator seems to think highly of it.

If you feel like giving a donation, here’s the link!

3 Responses to “Where did Revanche’s most commenting winnings go?”

  1. rose Says:

    Thank you.

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