• Recommendation:  Get yourself a container of Gochujang from the grocery store and use it when you have a rice dish like stirfry (if you like spicy food, don’t do this if you don’t have any spice tolerance).  It keeps like ketchup, so you can have it around for a long time and it’s just GOOD.  You can make bibimbap or just use it to kick up any rice dish a notch by stirring it in.  (Or seriously, use it in place of ketchup!  It works well as a fusion condiment.)
  • So remember how we did a lottery for last Christmas?  And we’re thinking of giving gifts only to the kids next year?  Apparently this has meant that instead of sending me a card on my birthday, my MIL is sending me gifts instead.  I don’t even know when her birthday is (knowing that is DH’s job and I’m not sure he does? he calls his dad on his dad’s birthday because his mom reminds him to), so I guess this is going to be one-sided!  Another example of the market trying to get around government regulations (and succeeding!)
  • From one of my econ prof friends:  A student wrote on hir essay, “The demand curve identifies as downward sloping.”  What if a demand curve wants to identify as upward sloping?  #GiffinGoodsArePeopleToo
  • I found out there’s a new version of Fruits Basket that finishes the manga and adheres more closely to it.  I watched the first few episodes and it was very similar to the 2001 animated version, but … Honda is a little smarter and the anime itself is a bit less funny and maybe a bit more foreboding.  Which is in-line with the manga.  And then I remembered how dark the manga gets.  There’s a lot of really messed up abuse.  And abusers don’t end up getting punished.  And then I wandered onto the fan wiki and I remembered a lot more that’s problematic with the manga.  Like how (spoiler) breaking a curse is synonymous with becoming CIS-gendered.  And how a previously likable person punishes the person he likes (and has wanted before that person was born…) by having sex with that person’s mother.  I don’t think that stuff is in the 2001 version, which, again, only tells about half the story and is brought down to about a PG-13 level.  2001 also has much better theme music.  It’s hard to believe that 2001 is 20 years ago, but that older version seems a bit more modern than the current version (which, admittedly, does follow an older manga more closely).  So… I don’t think I will watch any more of the new version.
  • DH has been watching a lot of Great British Bake-off.  He has found it inspiring.
  • Voss sparkling water is *really good*.  I know it’s $2/bottle, but it takes me to being pool-side at a fancy California hotel.  It’s lovely.  Tiny bubbles and flavor that makes you imagine one of those clear glass water dispensers where they cut up the fruits/cucumbers/herbs directly in with the ice and fizzy water.
  • DC2 just discovered Robin McKinley.  I have to make sure not to get Deerskin.  I’m trying to remember if Sunshine is appropriate for an 8 year old.  Hopefully the library has things shelved in the appropriate sections and I can just be careful about the stuff in YA and get everything in JV.
  • If you have a high schooler– remember it is not enough to *do* things that look good on a college application.  You actually have to write them down and remember what they were called and so on.  You can’t just say, “made regionals for some orchestra competition with the best orchestra that also plays with band instruments”… you need to remember the name of the orchestra competition and which orchestra it was and preferably what chair you were!  Similarly with volunteering, you can’t just say “volunteered at some math thing”… you have to remember what the camp was called and what kind of counselor you were and what year it was(!)  Write it down while you still remember or keep it in email or *something* because dredging old texts and disappearing schoology posts is not fun!  (You’re lucky if it is in an easily searchable email!)
  • In theory I get my second vaccine shot today(!)  This past week, our county and some of the counties surrounding us very briefly opened up vaccines to all adults over the age of 18 because they each had over a thousand extra vaccines they had to give out an no eligible people to give them to.  By the time we found out (2 hours after it was announced) it was too late for DH to sign up but we will be paying more attention next week.  The uni also has shots for eligible people and I’m happy to see that they have Pfizer, which means 17 year old students can get it.  One of my friends in MA said they just announced April 19th will open eligibility for everyone to get the vaccine in her state.  That isn’t very much longer from now!
  • That said, we got an email earlier this week saying that student cases had increased dramatically and our positive test rate was around 8%.  A few hours after that, we got a tone-deaf email from the provost announcing that we were going to have to completely scrap the course schedule for Fall because they’d decided we would be 100% in person with no social distancing instead of 50% with distancing.  I don’t know what the right answer is for fall, but I do know that the juxtaposition of those two emails was pretty awful.  Also they’d better require students to be vaccinated like they do with meningitis and similar things.
  • In the past two weeks I have had 2 students, 1 research assistant, and one paper referee all have to take time off for funerals.  :(  This isn’t over yet.  Stay masked!
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13 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. CG Says:

    I loved The Door in the Hedge and Beauty as a kid. I’m currently reading The Door in the Hedge out loud to my 8 year old and…McKinley’s writing style is really annoying. Tons of run-on sentences connected by ands and many parenthetical asides. I don’t remember thinking it was annoying as a kid, so I’m not sure if it’s just my adult lens that’s changed, or that reading that kind of writing out loud really calls attention to the fact that you don’t get a breath!

    Although we are eligible to get vaccinated in our state, there don’t seem to be doses available here for love or money, so we are going to a neighboring state this weekend which seems to have more doses than they have demand. They also have already expanded their eligibility in a way that our state hasn’t. From what I hear my whole neighborhood is going there this week and there are still available slots. I hope your DH gets his soon. I am not planning to do much differently once vaccinated (at least not right away) but it would be nice to just be a little less afraid.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Sounds a bit like my writing style here on the blog….

      I would feel much more comfortable about DH not being vaccinated if more people around here were getting vaccinated. We’re apparently trying for herd immunity the other way.

  2. mnitabach Says:

    From the pictures you’ve posted of yr DH’s baked goods, seems like he shld be entering baking contests!!!

  3. Cloud Says:

    Hooray for the second shot! I got my first shot last Saturday. My county opened up eligibility for a bunch of medical conditions, including asthma. I will hopefully have my second shot just before the kids go back to school, but I won’t be considered fully vaccinated. Still, even with one shot I feel a bit less anxious. My husband doesn’t qualify yet, though, and obviously the kids can’t be vaccinated… so we’re still working through what can change as we have more and more friends and family fully vaccinated.

    The note about keeping records for college applications made me smile. Back in my day, we had a paper trail on everything… I should think about how to tell my kids to save things now that it is all electronic!

  4. rose Says:

    Fully vaccinated and past the two week mark after second shot as well. NO CHANGES in what I am doing except my fear levels are decreasing about a highly unpleasant hospitalization and death. Where I am there is more vaccine demand than appointments but the level of vaccinated people is rising slowly still, while we KNOW the ugly variants are confirmed present in the area. Today we are still holding at a lowish level of cases (compared to Dec/Jan) but the projections for April cases make more shutdowns look probable. Crossing my fingers and reminding myself the ‘Florida Spring Break Super Spreaders Returnees’ are less likely here …… because geography says spring breakers head to other places to enjoy super spreading opportunities. It is very discouraging.

  5. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    Those two emails make my head hurt for you.

    I don’t know what to expect for our fall here but I feel like I’m just a bundle of nerves waiting for shoes to drop.

    Voss sparkling water looks REALLY fancy! I have been on a quest for tasty sparkling waters to replace diet sodas because I am trying not to even consume sugar replacements unless it truly needs sweetening, and have been bouncing between Sparkling Ice (which has too much sweetener) and Bubly which has none and needs a little.

  6. undine Says:

    Thank you for the tip on gochujang! I’m glad you are vaccinated–me too!

  7. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Deerskin was legitimately traumatic. I think Sunshine would be just barely appropriate for a 9/10 year old; there’s some sex stuff briefly mentioned but not explicit. I’m sure my kids read much more violent stuff when I’m not paying attention.

  8. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    DC1 just had to read an Ayn Rand short story.

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