It is appliance breaking time!

In the past month:

Our brave little toaster that could (purchased probably for $10 fifteen or more years ago) no longer reliably keeps the lever down.  Sometimes it does if you hold it down long enough, but sometimes I just cannot get it to engage.  So we went on wirecutter and ordered their best rated toaster from Target ($30).

Our refrigerator fan started making chunking sounds again, which usually means it is going to need to be replaced soon.  I swore the last time this happened we would replace it and then *buy a new refrigerator*.  But it’s stopped chunking so we didn’t replace the fan.  But who knows how long that’s going to last.  (Estimated cost:  Who knows!  But probably closer to $2000… which is crazy since our first refrigerator was the cheapest full-size refrigerator at either Lowes or Home Depot almost *20* years ago… currently that’s still under $500.)

Our dishwasher has a new and different problem.  It’s definitely hitting the “planned obsolescence” stage.  This time there’s some kind of spring on the door that has failed and the door can either be all the way open or all the way shut and doesn’t gracefully move between the two states or have the ability to stay slightly open like it used to.  We have no idea how to fix this and even looking into it was pretty gross because the area where the door hinges is corroded and just plain icky.  DH is making noises like it might be time to get a Bosch, though we are definitely willing to wait until they are easily available and we don’t have to worry about people in our house.  It’s on the horizon.  (DH is also willing to put up with this for two years and just sell the house without a dishwasher.)  Somehow it is easier to replace an engine than it is a spring.  (Estimated cost for a new dishwasher ~$1000.)  Update:  After some research, it wasn’t the spring, it was the thing the spring attaches to.  Cost to replace:  $40.

Our microwave has started shutting itself off for safety reasons if we microwave too many things in a row.

It’s hard to know what annoyances we should put up with and what we should just spend the money to replace.  Replacing things also often comes with its own frustrations and annoyances since new things don’t always work and lemons are a pain in the rear to deal with.

Not an appliance:  Our fences are falling apart and last year the HOA made it clear that they’re in charge of the stone (which isn’t falling apart) and we’re in charge of the wood.  DH called 4 places and nobody returned his calls.  Then we got an email from the HOA (to everyone, not just us) saying that fence repairs needed to be made so DH was like, Help we need a fence repair place, do you have any suggestions.  So he got 3 suggestions and called the first two and they came out right away to look at the fence.  And… then they disappeared and we never got estimates.  So now we’re not sure what to do.  I mean, call that third company, but after that.  DH has already walked all over the neighborhood and gotten the names and numbers off actual fences.  He thinks they’re just busy what with Weather and almost our entire HOA fencing needing to be replaced and so on.

19 Responses to “It is appliance breaking time!”

  1. CG Says:

    How sure is the two-year timeline? And do you like your new toaster?
    Our dishwasher died a couple of months ago (keypad started being inconsistent and then finally wouldn’t wake up at all) and we scrambled around and did research and bought a Bosch, to be delivered the following week. And then the dishwasher came back to life, so we canceled the purchase the day before the delivery. It’s been working fine ever since…hard to explain. We think our fridge is around 20 years old, our dryer is 17, but we’re on our third dishwasher in 11 years in this house.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Not sure at all! Nobody might want to hire me!

      The New Toaster does its job. No complaints. It toasts the amount I like on the lowest level, the lever stays down and actually toasts. Bread fits into it. It’s a good little toaster. (I don’t ask much of the toaster though.)

      That is a lot of dishwashers.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    I didn’t even list it, but apparently we have sprinkler repair people outside of our house right now because the winter weather did more than just break sprinkler heads. It is going to be an expensive month!

    Update: Sprinkler fixing: $250

  3. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Our dishwasher had the little spring *inside the top of the door* fail so it wouldn’t latch, ever, and we did take it apart and repair it. It was about $20, plus a lot of swearing.

    The microwave coating inside failed and it started making ominous noises intermittently last year. We bought a new one since its predecessor was at least 8 years old and had been $50 to start with.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      ! I was not aware that microwave inside coating could fail. And ominous noises from a microwave are not a good thing. My grandma was always worried about the microwaves getting out and had a little microwave tester on top of her microwave (I don’t know if it was for real or a scam she got from an only on tv order… I’ve always suspected the latter).

  4. Chelsea Says:

    We had a microwave that we replaced because it would randomly turn itself on and run for some random amount of time. Quite a surprise the first few times it happened – especially in the middle of the night! We lived with unplugging it and plugging it back in for a while, but eventually, we decided it was worth it to replace the thing.

  5. accm Says:

    Interesting timing – my kettle took a nosedive last night and too many bits broke off to make me want to use it again. New one arrives tomorrow. Luckily one doesn’t have to ask much of a kettle, either.

    I do love my Bosch dishwasher, now 1.5 years old.

  6. bethh Says:

    I’m looking into a new furnace! Mine is more than 35 years old when they typically live about 15 – so, it’s definitely going to go at some point. I’ve had a few winter repair visits, and now it’s starting to limp more aggressively, and I am sick of its roar when it does come on, and tired of living with one ear monitoring the furnace at all times.

    I’m hoping to be in this house another 25-30 years so I’ll probably have to replace whatever I get at least once more, which is so strange to think about! So far quotes range from 3800-6300 (for reasons that seem valid-ish). I’m going to make sure I get out a new credit card or two to get some 40-50k mileage bonuses! (I do have the cash set aside.)

  7. undine Says:

    Everything seems to happen at once like that. We had to get a new furnace & AC, fridge, microwave, etc. all within the space of about 18 months, but it made sense because everything was as old as the house (20 years).

  8. revanche @ a gai shan life Says:

    I wonder how much the lumber shortage plays into the companies being non responsive. PiC was in charge of getting quotes for our fencing and he had the same trouble with companies just refusing to answer. It later turned out also that dozens of people are doing massive renovations that we know of and I’m sure there’s more that we don’t know of so we’re small fry among much richer folks hiring contractors for this kind of work.

    This made me think of our dishwasher top rack that has never once latched in place without much cursing and effort and that’s the way it was from day one. It will never not annoy me. I thought we were in for a microwave replacement recently but it’s ok, and I thought we needed to replace our security cameras but we resolved one of their problems so I’m hoping that we are only halfway, not all the way, to our All Things Breaking Point.

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