Link Love

Carcinogen found in some hand sanitizers (this is different than the one from last year)

This test lets you know if your microwave has a leak, or at least it says it does.

5 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Omdg Says:

    Re: the jerry Seinfeld thing — EWWWWW!!

    But yes, I well remember the time when it was socially acceptable for 17 year olds to date 34 year olds, and when teachers f****** their students and everybody turned a blind eye.

  2. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    But if your microwave has a leak it will just…. make your water molecules a little warm? Like when you heat up food in the microwave? Except it falls off as the square of the distance….. Or it will do nothing at all, like the cellphone radiation that person is using as a proxy. I’m confused why people are concerned about this.

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