Link Love

I have been on a twitter break and was on a temporary blog break until I got two papers back out.  Now I have grading and a bunch of referee reports to do, so I added blogs back a bit, but it may be a while before there are a lot of interesting links here from twitter.  I have, however, been watching a lot of youtube.  Not just Amber Ruffin… but she is amazing and if you’re not hooked on her show and subscribed to her channel, as she might ask, “what’s wrong with you, shiiii(t)”

Not of General Interest points out how doing something well can backfire.

Athena Scalzi discusses the lingering side effect from her mild case of covid.


I can’t help how much I love the below commercial.  Obviously they are all fully vaccinated and living in a blue state where covid rates are low and vax rates are high in the very near future.  I think I need to buy that gum.

3 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. middle_class Says:

    Love that ad. I think it made some viewers teary-eyed.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Oh no, that second amber ruffin was supposed to be a tong song, which was hilarious but they must have had to take it down.

  3. Debbie M Says:

    Yikes, never heard of parosmia before. Yet another reason to try not to get covid.

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