Ask the readers: What to do about the half an eyebrow that doesn’t show up on zoom

Dear Grumpy Nation,

Over the past couple months, half of one of my eyebrows has gone from a brown/blonde mix to a white/blonde mix.  In person it doesn’t look too weird, but on zoom it very much looks like I have only one and a half eyebrows.

What would you do (especially given I’m not going to get this professionally treated– at home remedies only)?  Please provide brand suggestions!

I looked on the internet and Google was overwhelming with suggestions and the first few I looked at got low reviews on Amazon so I gave up and figured you all would have better advice.

I own no beauty products currently and really never have.  (When I’m going on TV it’s always a huge scramble to get make-up done.  I hate tv.)  Also if people are commonly allergic to a product, so am I (I’m usually ok with things marked hypoallergenic, and the biggest problems seem to be with scented things).


Grumpy #1

11 Responses to “Ask the readers: What to do about the half an eyebrow that doesn’t show up on zoom”

  1. Bev Says:

    Oh eyebrows! I lost my eyebrows a decade ago from chemotherapy, but they eventually grew back in, sparse and pale. After five decades of dense, dark, bushy eyebrows, I now have eyebrows that are barely visible. I tried using eyebrow pencil for a while, but I can’t make them not look fake. At this point they’re mostly hidden behind glasses and bangs, so I just don’t worry about them anymore. If you figure out a helpful solution, please share!

  2. wally Says:

    I dye mine using just for men’s facial hair dye.

  3. Steph Says:

    I’ve used an eyebrow pencil from Benefit to fill in my brows occasionally. You could probably get one cheaper from a drugstore, if you just need to fix it temporarily for Zoom – Almay has good reviews for theirs.

  4. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    Almay or neutrogena eyeliner or brow pencil. Works fine on eyebrows too, very hypoallergenic, and I break out in response to everything, so odds are good it would be okay.

  5. mnitabach Says:

    I have only like a dozen eyebrow hairs on each side, so I am useless on this topic.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It sounds like you’d be ideal! If you actually cared, though.

      And I wouldn’t care if it were both eyebrows, it’s just the looking like half of one got shaved off that’s the problem for me. I suppose I could pluck the brown ones on the half of other side, but… that sounds painful.

  6. C Says:

    I find anastasia beverly hills brow wiz to be helpful. I’m pretty careless but the pencil is so fine it doesn’t matter too much and the spoolie will smudge away mistakes. It’s not cheap and I go online to get the color I want. DH is saying that there is also men’s beard and eyebrow dye (but he hasn’t used that himself).

  7. rose Says:

    drugstore Revlon colorstay brow pencil one ens has the color and other spiral brush. mark on, the brush. fills in holes where hairs are either white or have left for younger people. being ancient & ashy blond grey i use color 205 blond cheap enough to try and discard if does not work for you.

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